JNTU Lab Manuals – JNTUK, JNTUH & JNTUA Lab Notebook with Viva Questions

JNTUK Lab Manuals, JNTUH Lab Manuals & JNTUA Lab Manuals For All Branches. Download the JNTU Laboratory Notebooks for all regulations like R20, R19, R18, R16, R15, R13, R10, R09…etc JNTU Lab Manuals with Viva Questions in Pdf format.

Jntu Lab manuals free download subject wise here. Lab manuals and Lab programs For All Courses, All Branches & All Regulations in engineering. We are Providing Lab books for 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1 & 4-2 semesters for branches like civil, cse, ece, eee, mechanical, it, automobile, thermal engineering, cad/cam…etc.

JNTU Lab Manuals – JNTUK, JNTUH & JNTUA Lab Notebook with Viva Questions

The Laboratory Manual is a reference manual for FDA personnel. It provides FDA personnel with information on internal procedures to be used as an agency policy for testing consumer products, training of laboratory staff, report writing, safety, research, review of private laboratory reports and court testimony.


JNTU Lab Manuals for B.Tech/ M.Tech/ MBA/ MCA/ Engineering Students listed below. These Lab Manuals are uploded in pdf format. So simply click on the respective subject name and download the Laboratory Manuals in pdf format.

All the Lab Manuals Are sorted according to subject wise (Listed in Alphabetical Order). Just click on the respective subjects to download the Laboratory Manuals.

A laboratory notebook (lab book) is a primary record of research. Researchers use a lab notebook to document their hypotheses, experiments and initial analysis or interpretation of these experiments. The notebook serves as an organizational tool, a memory aid, and can also have a role in protecting any intellectual property that comes from the research.


Advanced Java & Web Technologies Lab

Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) Lab Manual

Advanced Data Structures Lab (For JNTU-KAKINADA)

Advance Data Structures Lab

Advanced Data Structures Lab

Advanced UNIX Programming Lab (AUP Lab)

Aerodynamics and Propulsion Lab Manual

Aircraft Engineering Drawing Lab Manual

Aircraft Production Technology Lab Manual

Analog Communications Lab Manual

Analog and Digital IC Applications Lab

Analog Electronic Circuits

Applied Chemistry

Auto Cad


Basic Electronics and Microprocessors

Basic Simulation Lab Manual

Basic Electrical Engineering

Business Communication Lab Manual



Control Systems Lab

Computational Aerodynamics Lab Manual

Control Systems and Simulation Lab

Case Tools

Case Tools and Software Testing Lab Manual

C Programming (For JNTUK)

C & Data Structures (For JNTUH & JNTUA)

Computer Networks & Operating Systems

Computer Networks Lab Manual

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics and Algorithms Lab


Compiler Design Lab Manual

Communication Skills

Computer Networks & Case Tools Lab

Concrete Technology lab Manual


Data Structures Lab Manual

Data Mining

Data Structures Lab Through C++

Design Patterns (DP Lab) – For M.Tech

Data Base Management Systems Lab Manual

Databases & Compilers Lab [For M.Tech]

Digital Communications Lab (For JNTUK)

Digital Systems Design Lab [For M.Tech :: JNTU-ANANTAPUR]

Digital Signal Processing

Data warehousing & Data Mining


ECAD Lab Manual


Electrical and Electronics Lab [For JNTUH,JNTUA – CSE/IT/CSIT]

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab

Electronic Engineering Lab (For JNTUK)

Electrical Measurements Lab

Electrical Machines-I

Electrical Machines-II Lab

Electrical Circuits and Simulation Lab

Electrical Technology (ET)

Electronic Circuits

English Language Communication Skills Lab Manual

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Geology Lab

Engineering Work Shop Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

Electronic Circuit Analysis

Electronic Circuits and Pulse Circuits Lab

Embedded Systems Lab


Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery (FM LAB)

Fluid Machines

File Structure Lab


GeoTechnical Engineering Lab


Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer and Production Technology Lab


Instrumentation Lab

Instrumentation & Control Systems Lab


Internetworking with TCP/IP Lab Manual (For M.Tech)

IT Work-Shop (For JNTUK)

Information Security(IS)

Interfacing through Microprocessors (IMP Lab)

IC Applications Lab



Java Programming Lab

Java (For JNTUK-MCA)


Language Processors

Linux Programming & Data Mining Lab

Linear & Digital IC Applications Lab

Linear IC Applications



Machine Tools & Metrology

Machine Tools Lab

Metrology & Machine Tools


Metrology & Surface Engineering Lab

Mechanics of Fluids & Hydraulic Machines Lab

Metallurgy & Mechanics of Solids

Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy Lab

Mechanics of Solids Lab

Microprocessors & Interfacing Lab

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessors and Digital Signal Processing Lab

MiddleWare Technology (MWT)

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Microwave Engineering and Digital Communications Lab

Microwave and Optical Communications Lab

Mobile Application Development Lab

Multimedia Media Web Designing (MMWD Lab)

Multimedia and Application Development Lab


Network Programming Lab

Networks & Electrical Technology Lab


Operating Systems

Operating Systems & Computer Networks

Object Oriented Programming [Same as ADS Lab]

Oops Through Uml Lab Manual

Operating Systems & Compiler Design

Operating System & Compiler Design


Power Electronics and Simulation Lab

Pulse Circuits & IC Lab

Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

Power Electronics

Power Electrical

Production Technology Lab


Software Engineering Lab

Systems Lab 1 (DBMS & Unix) or DBMS Lab Manual

Strength of Materials Lab

Surveying-I Lab

Surveying II


Thermal Engineering




Unix & Shell Programming Lab Manual (For JNTUK)

Unix Network Programming

UML & Design Patterns

UML (For B.Tech)


Web Technology Lab Manual

Web Technologies & Data Mining Lab Manual

Web Technologies & Compiler Design Lab Manual

Web Technologies (For JNTU-HYD)

Remaining Lab Manuals will be updated soon.

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JNTU – Anantapur lab manuals : 

JNTUA 1st year Lab Manual, JNTUA 2-1 Lab Manuals, JNTUA 2-2 Lab Manuals, JNTUA 3-1 Lab Manuals, JNTUA 3-2 Lab Manuals, JNTUA 4-1 Lab Manuals, JNTUA 4-2 Lab Manuals.