JNTUK Syllabus R23, R20, R19, R16, R13 – JNTU Kakinada Syllabus B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Arch

JNTUK Syllabus: JNTU Kakinada syllabus for R23, R20, R19, R16, R13 Regulations. Download the JNTUK R23 syllabus, JNTUK R20 syllabus, JNTUK R19 syllabus for B.Tech, m.tech, mca, mba, b.pharmacy, B.Arch, M.pharmacy.

JNTUK Syllabus R23, R20, R19, R16, R13 – JNTU Kakinada Syllabus For B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, B.Arch, M.Pharmacy

Students who are having Interest to know about their Academic Syllabus can download their JNTUK Syllabus Books PDF so that, they can get the overview of their Examination Syllabus to be covered for each semester. Here we are providing the clear information about each subject and their sub units along with the topics should be covered in that unit. For various branches separately almost 18 branches under who are studying JNTUK.Candidates who are pursuing B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, B.Arch under JNTUK can download the Academic Syllabus from the below links which were provided to you. It gives the complete information about Subjects and the portions to be covered with the span of time along with the lab practicals.Here we are providing JNTU kakinada B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, B.Arch syllabus books In Single page For R23, R20, R19, R16, R13, R10 Regulation Students. You can simply download the respective syllabus books from below links. If you have any queries or troubleshoot, feel free to add your comments below.Jntuk-syllabus-booksSyllabus Books for Aeronautical Engineering (AE), Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Computer Science & Systems Engineering (CSS), Electronics & Control Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE), Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Mechanical Engineering (MECH), Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics), Bachelor of Pharmacy, Pharma D, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Computer Applications(MCA), M.Tech, M.Pharmacy and other Courses/Branches.

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JNTUK B.Tech Syllabus (R23, R20, R19, R16, R13 Regulations)

JNTUK B.Tech R23 Syllabus Books & Course Structure
JNTUK B.Tech (R23) Detailed Syllabus (2023-24 onwards)​
1-1 Syllabus
1-2 Syllabus
2-1 Syllabus - Update Soon
2-2 Syllabus - Update Soon
3-1 Syllabus - Update Soon
3-2 Syllabus - Update Soon
4-1 Syllabus - Update Soon
4-2 Syllabus - Update Soon
JNTUK B.Tech R19 Syllabus Books
JNTUK B.Tech R16 Syllabus Books
JNTUK B.Tech R13 Syllabus Books

Download the JNTUK B.Tech R10 Regulation Syllabus Books Here: Click Here

JNTUK B.Pharmacy Syllabus Books (PCI, R16)

JNTUK B.Pharmacy PCI, R16 Syllabus Books

JNTUK MBA Syllabus Books (R20, R19, R16, R13 Regulations)

JNTUK MBA R20, R19 Syllabus Books
JNTUK MBA R16 Syllabus Books
JNTUK MBA R13 Syllabus Books
JNTUK MBA R13 Syllabus & Course Structure I-VI Semesters

JNTUK MCA Syllabus Books (R20, R19, R16, R13 Regulations)

JNTUK MCA R20 Syllabus Books
JNTUK MCA R13 Syllabus Books

JNTUK M.Tech Syllabus Books (R20, R19, R16, R13 Regulations)

JNTUK M.Tech R19/R20 Syllabus Books
JNTUK M.Tech R16 Syllabus Books
JNTUK M.Tech R13 Syllabus Books

JNTUK M.Pharmacy Syllabus Books (R16, R13 Regulations)

JNTUK M.Pharmacy R16 Syllabus Books

JNTUK B.Arch Syllabus Books

B.Arch 5 Years Syllabus & Course Structure (R19)

JNTUK Pharm D (PCI) Syllabus Books

Pharm D PCI Syllabus