Republic Day Speech 2024 in English PDF (26th January) For Kids, Students & Teachers


Republic Day Speech in English 2024 PDF Download For Kids, School Students, Teachers: Republic Day is a very important and special occasion for India and citizens of India. Indians celebrate Republic Day every year on 26th January with lots of preparations. India is celebrating the 75th Republic Day on the commemoration of a historic moment when India’s constitution came into start on 26th January, 1950, an occasion that completed the country’s long required change toward becoming an independent republic country.

Republic Day Speech 2024 in English For Kids, School Students, Teachers

The historic moment, that changed the Government of India Act as the governing law and regulation of India, thereby started a democratic government system. The day was selected because it was also when the Declaration of Indian Independence “Purna Swaraj” was declared in 1930 by the Indian National Congress.


Large military parades from the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy, traditional dance groups taking part in it, which are held at Rajkot, New Delhi. The event will be closely observed by the whole world and people are extending their respect to the freedom fighter. Republic Day is a national holiday in India. Government officials, PM and the Chief Ministers of the state has done flag hosting to honor the Country and the constitution makers.

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Republic Day 2024 Speech in English

On the event of Republic day, the flag hoisting, various cultural activities, and others will take place everywhere across India. Especially in schools and colleges the republic day celebrations will be held grandly. Where the teachers and students are going to render some valuable speeches, which are thought provoking.

Republic Day speeches generally include much valuable information such as sacrifies of our leaders for the sake of independence, their efforts to make the country to set free from the Britishers, empowerment of the country, aspects related to the education and growth, women empowerment, economy development, poverty abolishment and various other issues. Giving the Republic Day speech is giving the perfect motivation about various things.

Freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallbhai Patel, Bhagat Singh and other strived hard to get freedom to India. Their collective efforts have made the India as a democratic country today. In this country of democrats’ people are having the freedom to express their views about the country, development and other things.

So, make this Republic day great with your deserved and motivational speech. Here we have attached the best Republic day speech in English 2024. The speech is useful for everyone like teachers, students, employees, IT employees, and everyone. The Independence Day Speech is going to grab the attention from the members around the conference.

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Republic Day 2024 Speech For Kids (Short Speech)

I would like to say good morning to our respected Principal, my teachers, my senors and colleagues.
Let me let you know something about this special occasion.
Today we are celebrating 75th republic day of our nation.
It was started celebrating since 1950, two and half years later to the Independence of India in 1947.
We celebrate it every year on 26th of January as our constitution came into effect on the same day.
After getting independence from the British rule in 1947, India was not a self-ruled county means a sovereign state.
India became a self-goyeming country when its constitution came into effect in 1950.

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Republic Day Speech For School Students And Children’s 2024

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Republic Day Speech in English 2024 For Teachers

The Honorable chief guest of the day, respected principle, teachers, parents and my all dear friends. This time we are celebrating 75th Republic day of India that is why we are gathered here. Today I am going to speak few words about republic clay which is a very special day for all Indian citizens and wish to all of you a very happy republic day.

India celebrates the Republic Day every year on the 26th of January from 1950 because at this day India was declared as the republic country as well as constitution of India came into force after independence of long years of struggle. India got independence on 15th of August in 1947 and two and half years later it became a Democratic Republic. Republic day in India has a great importance in the history as it tells us all about each and every struggle of Indian freedom fighters.

Republic means the supreme power of the people living in the country and only public has rights to elect their representatives as political leader to lead the country in right direction So, India is a Republic country after 26th of January 1950, where public elects its leaders as a president, prime minister, etc. Our Great Indian freedom fighters have struggled a lot to the “Puma Swam?’ in India. We can never forget their sacrifices towards our country. They did so that their future generations may live without struggle and led country ahead. We should remember them on such great occasions and salute them. It has become possible just because of them that we can think from our own mind and live freely in our nation without anyone’s force.

There is also a big exhibition of the Indian culture and tradition takes place by the different Indian states to show the ‘Unity in diversity‘ in India.

Before ending this speech I’d like to thank you all for giving me a chance to express my feelings about republic day and I am proud to be an Indian where we have all types of independence.

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Republic Day Speech 2024 For Students

Respected chief guests, teachers and all my dear friends firstly, I wish you a very happy Republic day. Today we are celebrating 74th Republic day. This day for all of us to celebrate and honour our nation.

Republic means that the people of the country have the right to elect their political leaders for country development. As the citizen of the country we too are responsible for its development.

Our country became free from British rule on 15th august 1947. But the constitution come into force on 26th January 1950. So, that day we celebrate every year as republic day.

This is a day to remember the freedom fighters like br ambedkar, mahatma gandhiji, jawahar lal Nehru, bhagat sing, subhash Chandra bose and many more leaders who sacrifices their life’s for freedom of our country.

So let us all take on oath today to work hard for our country development.

Thanks you to one and all to give this wonderful opportunity.

Jai hind, Bharat mata ki Jai

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26th January Speech in Hindi – Republic Day Speech in Hindi 2024

How Can We Download Republic Day Speech 2024 PDF in English?

Here, you can download Republic day speech 2024 in English, Hindi, Telugu languages.

Who gives Speech from Red Fort this year?

PM Narendra Modi will Addresses the Nation from red fort on 26th January 2024.

What is the importance of Republic Day?

Many people throughout India celebrate the nation’s Republic Day, which is a gazetted holiday on January 26 each year. It is a day to remember when India’s constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country’s transition toward becoming an independent republic.

Why it is called Republic Day?

The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. … 26 January was chosen as the Republic day because it was on this day in 1929 when Declaration of Indian Independence (Purna Swaraj) was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress as opposed to the Dominion status offered by the British Regime.

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