Top 6 Education Tips and Tricks by Dr.C.Veerender


Top 6 Education Tips and Tricks by Dr.C.Veerender

Top 6 Education Tips and Tricks by Dr.C.Veerender

Dr.Veerender has his Master’s and Doctorate degree in Physics from the Osmania University, as well as M. Phil from Central University of Hyderabad and P.G. in Psychological Counseling from the IPMS, Mumbai and PG.Diploma in Counseling and Guidance from Annamalai University.

Before going to Taipei as a research in nano technologies, He was the Head Dept. Stress Management at VMS Junior College, where he dealt with 3000 cases of teenagers, adolescents, and parents. Apart from, addressed 50000 students on “Love among Teenagers.”

He trained 1. More than 3, 00, 000 students, 2. 50000 Teachers, 3. 30000 Parents, 4. 20000 Professionals.

Dr. Veerender has expertise working with developmental disorders such as Asperser’s Syndrome (A psychiatricdisorder, most often noted during the early school years, characterized by impairments in social interaction and repetitive behavior patterns), as well as with Attention Deficit Disorder and other issues that interfere with students finding success at home, and socially with others.

Dr. Veerender brings warmth, friendliness, non-judgmental acceptance, and a good sense of humor to his work with adults and couples. He develops relationships with his clients that combine acceptance, trust, and challenge, where people feel safe and free to reach their goals and address whatever might be troubling them. He had spent over 20 years as a lecturer, counselor for students with emphasis on teenage student issues, and student suicides, parent-offspring relationships. He trained the personnel in both large and small organizations. For recreation, Dr. Veerender enjoys writing, reading, meeting people, travel, poetry, movies, ethnic foods, and continuous learning.

He conducted many workshops targeting on Teens, Parents,Employees, Marketing Force, and People at Managerial Level.

Recently TeluguPopular Taken The Interview From The Dr.veerender For Students. He has Given Some of the Useful top Tips To All the Students.

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