APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching, Study Materials – Kautilya Career, Manabadi


APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching, Study Materials – Kautilya Career, Manabadi: Andhra Pradesh public service commission is now called as ASPSC; previously it was popular as APPSC is the first recruitment board to implement APPSC Group 2 Online Test. The official website is

APPSC Group 2 Online Coaching, Study Materials – Kautilya Career, Manabadi


There are many other web portals which offers group II mock test, online training, coaching in telugu, group 2 online test in English. Some of the websites are, Kautilya Careersakshi, eenadu etc.

What is APPSC group 2 online practice test?

Students of APPSC Group2 do very hard preparation for their exam. For most of the students the Final APPSC exam dictates their career. They prepare in such a way that it might be their final evaluation test and their career ends after this. However there is no proper evaluation process for self evaluation.  So it is essential to write exam for evaluate themselves. Because the evaluation helps one to know where they stand among them and does they require any further preparation or the preparation for APPSC Group 2 is sufficient or not.

APPSC group 2 screening test is offline mode and APPSC Group 2 Main Test is online mode. For offline practice test options are very less. There are some companies which offer offline test but the enrolments for the exam will be very less thus yourself evaluation will be in accurate. So to evaluate for a large extent it is suggestible to write Group 2 Online Test in your selected medium. Most of the tests are in combination of Telugu and English medium. is providing online examination for self evaluation of the aspirants preparing for Group-2 exams, APSPSC Exams and APPSC Exams. The content provided in online exam is more standardized and prepared by experienced faculty.

By writing the Online test it is easy for individual to not go the centre and they can give the exam from anywhere at any time. All you require is a system, internet to write APPSC Group2 Online test.

Features of Manabadi APPSC Group 2 Online exam

APPSC Group 2 Online Exams (English & Telugu Medium)

  • Online Exams available for Topic Wise, Subject wise, Model test and Grand TestGroup2 Aspirants can check their results and solutions for exam they wrote
  • Group2 Solutions will be in Audio or Test or Video format
  • Can view their Ranks and know their position among other aspirants

Benefits of Manabadi APPSC Group 2 Test

  • Can write Online exams on Chapter wise, Subject wise and know your results instantly
  • All Questions are covered in each topic which helps you to get in Final Exam
  • Questions are prepared in difficult level so that aspirants will be well versed with the Questions in whatever the manner they are asked in the final exam
  • Writing APPSC Group2 Screening Test Online Exam helps to become familiar in writing exam Online which in turn helps you to write APPSC Group 2 Main Exams, which is in online mode

To write Manabadi APPSC Group2 Practice Test in English and Telugu Click here

How can you write online group 2 exam?

Steps for writing APPSC Group2 Online Exam

Registration Process

  • Go to the following link for online test for group 2
  • A registration form is available, in which you can register with your details
  • Once you register you will get an OTP to your mobile number and also a confirmation Email to mail id.
  • Provide the OTP received on your mobile or you can click on the link received on your email.
  • Now you are registered for Online Exam

Selection procedure of APPSC Group 2 topics for writing Exam

  • Once registered in the site you are redirected to Exam list page, where you can find all exams list
  • The list belongs to APPSC Group2 topics which were prescribed by the APPSC Board for the final exam
  • Click on the topics for which you want to write online exam
  • You will be redirected to my exam list page
  • For each topic of APPSC you can find “START Online Exam” button. Click on it
  • You will be redirected to exam page

To Write APPSC Group 2 Online Practice Test use this link

Writing Exam, Exam pattern, Know about different buttons on Test Page

  • The Online Test Page contains different sections in the page
  • In the Top Section you will find APPSC Topic Names in list box and beside you will find the NOTE points indicating about different buttons and how they are used and the question numbers displaying color
  • After that you will find the APPSC Group 2 Test Question Number followed by the question followed by the different options
  • Below the Question there are 4 options where you should select. The options will be like 1,2,3,4 or a,b,c,d to choose from the question and its options
  • Once the selection is over you should click on the “submit answer” button. Without clicking on this button your answer for APPSC Group2 Test will not be submitted.
  • The answered question will be displayed in Green Color in side Questions panel. Unasnwered questions are displayed without any color.
  • You can go to previous question or next question by clicking on the buttons provided in the Online Test Page.
  • There is an option to pause the exam for time being and can continue whenever you want. However the exam should be completed in the prescribed time. This time can’t be changed
  • Don’t forget to click on FINISH Exam once the APPSC Group 2 Online Test is over.
  • The process and features mentioned above are common for APPSC Group2 online test in English and APPSC Group2 online test in Telugu

Once the exam finished you can see you ranks and reports in my report tab.

All the best for your APPSC Group-2 exam.

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