Difference Between Resume, CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Bio Data


Difference Between Resume, CV, bio data: Everyone’s destination is to get a good job after their successful completion of education. Before going to apply for jobs one must have their own broacher to show their skills and professional traits for the employer. This broacher of self-introduction, education, and skills is being called with various names such as Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Bio-Data.

Difference Between Resume, CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Bio Data

Many people are confusing with these name formats. So, here we have clarified about what is resume? What is CV? What is Bio-Data? And what is the primary difference between CV/Resume/Bio-Data? Hopefully, this article gives a clear understanding for aspirants starting up their career and professional journey.

Difference Between Resume, CV, bio data

What is a Resume?

A Resume can be said as summery of one’s educational and academic profile along with their professional skills. The word is derived from the French language which is having the meaning of “summery”. So, people who are applying for the new jobs will probably prepare a resume with their key skills which are essential for the job. The resume generally contains 1 or 2 pages with the person’s brief introduction and the academic, career profile.

Structure of Resume:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Experience (Professional and Industrial)

The key priority for education and experience will be given in resume. The terms that can be specified to mention your academic skills and professional skills must be professional such as, Professional Affiliations, Voluntary Initiatives.

What Is CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

CV is another format of introducing ourselves to the employer. Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word, which means “course of life”. CV is the detailed form of Resume, where we mention the detailed skills, previous jobs details, educational qualifications details, projects details, etc information. The CV contains 2/3 pages and the employer can be able to understand the clear details and skills of the applicant by going through it. The CV is regularly in general format rather than a specific format. Like Resume, it will not have any structure or format. And it is the detailed representation of skills and experiences of a person.

What is Bio-Data?

Among these representations, Bio-data is the simplest form to indicate person’s details. It also contains the brief details.

Details Listed in Resume:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Residence
  • Marital Status
  • Educational Qualification
  • And other needed details

Theme of Resume/CV/Bio-Data

  • A resume is used by the people applying for jobs with specific skills essential to that particular job.
  • A CV is a used by people seeking the career change. A CV will be in generalized format; hence it is mostly used for general purposes.
  • A bio-data is a typical form that can be used for particular perspectives. People applying for Government jobs or research grants usually prepares the bio-data to give the brief information of themselves.

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