GATE 2018 Study Plan, Preparation Guide (Important Tips to crack GATE 2018)


GATE 2018 Study Plan, Preparation Guide (Important Tips to crack GATE 2018)

GATE 2018

What is new in the GATE 2018?

  • The GATE score is valid for three years
  • All the registration process is made online
  • The test will be conducted online for all the streams.
  • No scientific calculators will be allowed for the exam instead a virtual scientific calculator will be made live for the students
  • The test will have numerical answer questions apart from multiple choice questions.
  • GATE 2018 Results, Score card

GATE 2018 Study Plan:

Planning to appear for the upcoming Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2018)? Well, GATE is all India level examination for the candidates who want to secure their admission in IIT, NIT, and IISC of India.Getting admission in India’s leading institutes is a big deal! What do you say? Isn’t it?

To get good score you will need a study plan for GATE 2018. Don’t think that there is a plenty of time left for exam. To score good marks in exam you need to start preparing from now! Here I have provided it with expert guidance.

Top 3 things you need to keep in mind:

  1. If you are always condemned for your studies and college of BE/B.Tech then you doesn’t have to worry at all! We are here to help. This is the best opportunity to prove yourself and I am sure you can do it.
  2. GATE is based on scoring well in single exam and getting the open ground to contend! In addition, you can beat the aspirants from reputed engineering colleges like IITs and NITs.
  3. If you feel like everyone doesn’t ponder you commendable for GATE 2018 then don’t worry. You want to do it for yourself then it will be done for sure!

How to start preparing for GATE 2018:

Once you are decided to take up GATE exam and read important information related to it, you are ready to go ahead with preparation. I have few suggestions for students who are serious about cracking GATE exam.

I divided the whole process of preparation in few steps and every individual student who aced the GATE will follow these in one or the other way. These are just simple guidelines but the most important thing is your dedication and determination. If you read these steps and appreciate them but don’t follow them then these are of no use. Therefore, I recommend every student to be very sincere and give a good try. The steps are as follows.

1. Buy or get a copy of previous year question papers if possible with solutions. Having a hard copy is very important and we are going to refer it again and again during whole preparation.

2. Refer to syllabus and analyze the number of questions asked in each subject. As all subjects don’t have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over others. I mean few subject may have more questions asked in exam than others. I don’t have this subject break up for GATE. If you have done this exercise, please share with us to share with many other students and also we can have a discussion over its validity.

3. Make a priority list of subjects based on marks or preference given it in previous exams. Marks distribution of subject will help you prioritize and allocate preparation time to different subjects. If distribution is not prepared we usually end up in a random preparation and finally will have tough time dealing with important subjects.

4. Just for example, in GATE CS and IT paper, around 15~20% is from Mathematics, and then Programming and Data Structures, Theory of computation, OS and digital logic.

5. Allocate realistic time for each subject. And read it all, as there is huge to cover and it’s easy to ask few marks question from anywhere in a subject.

6.Finish through reading of a chapter of subject, make short notes of important points, this will help you at last moment to revise what you have read.

7. Once finish a chapter, go back to GATE Question papers and solve the problems from that chapter. These days there lots of question banks available in market for GATE do buy one and practice. Also to try to get Test Series from other friends. Solve all of them. This will help you to assess yourself for level of understanding of the chapter you read. Use a single note book for question answer solution because you may refer it while revising.

8. Finish detailed reading at least one and half month before. Keep one month for revisions and clearing leftover doubts. Have a look of question you solved during preparation for GATE and remember how you solved them.

9. Keep last 15 days for fast practice and revision. Solve as many papers and question banks as you can get from any source.
Keep documents related to GATE like, acknowledgment of application, like hall tickets, application number and other details, in a safe place. Give it to mom or someone responsible, who can give that back to you when you need them. This is to avoid last minute tension for obvious things.

10. I hope these points will help many of to take a start off. Please don’t waste time and take a start. The one who start early and work consistently reach early and hope see IITs for M.Tech. GATE is a simple exam just needs constant effort to crack it. Don’t worry about competition by number of candidates appearing for GATE, make highest marks as your competition.

Here are the some important tips to prepare for GATE 2018:

  • Candidates have to know the pattern and syllabus of the examination and they have to prepare according to it.
  • Preparation time for GATE is subjective and depends on many factors such as individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc., Typically, a rigorous preparation of 4-6 months is considered good enough for getting into IISc or IITs.
  • Candidates need to collect or buy the best reference books for preparation. These reference books shall cover the complete syllabus, sample question papers and solved papers, as well.
  • Make a list of subjects and prioritise them based on the marks allotted to them. Now, create a timetable with distribution of subjects. Note that, if the distribution is not prepared, then you usually end up learning random topics, which may lead to confusion at the end.
  • Start reading all the chapters and prepare short notes on all important points. In this way, your revision is also complete. These short notes will also be useful for your last-minute revision.
  • Solve objective type (especially numerical) questions as much as possible.
  • While solving problems, students must have a balance between speed & accuracy. It may not be possible to cover the entire syllabus.
  • Whatever topics you decide to study, make sure that you know everything about it.
  • Do not practice questions in rough paper, as there may be questions you need to go through at the time of revision. Go through previous year papers (say last ten years), to check your knowledge and note the distribution of different topics.
  • Finish a detailed reading of all topics you plan to cover at least one and half months before. Keep one month for revisions and clearing leftover doubts.
  • Have a look of questions you solved during preparation for GATE and remember how you solved them.
  • Do not strain yourself till the last minute. Leave all your books aside for a few days before the exam. Have a good time and relax.

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  1. Tips to crack GATE 2017 Exam-

    1. Solving test papers every day is the best approach to recall the concepts and knowing the performance for the exam. Going through mock papers lets you know your strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Keep switching between topics to test your understanding of the subject and ensure that you don’t panic because you didn’t manage to get to a certain chapter. Revise your short notes and formula notes to recall the concepts quicker which can help you to switch between the topics easily.

    3. Keep the admit card ready, and keep it safe. You don’t want any panic on the day of the exam. Thus, it’s best to visit your exam centre in advance and familiarise yourself with the surroundings.

    4. In the last week, mental peace is necessary. Always remember, being confident gets you “more” marks than knowing than having no confidence.

    Manage your time well, and keep the clock at the back of your mind when attempting questions. If you find that you have devoted extra time to a section, do not panic. Just calm down, modify your earlier plan of solving the paper, and follow that.
    Negative marking during the exam. Analyse your accuracy percent in your previous mocks to get an idea of whether your current plan is working.
    Get enough sleep. And by enough, we mean 8-10 hours of sleep each night, especially in the week before the exam.
    One week before the exam is not the time to start some new topic that you have not read before.
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    5. Use Formulae/Short notes: Engineering subjects have a lot of formulae and noting down all formulae as and when you finish each topic or referring to a collection of formulae will help you get familiar while practising the mock exams.

    6. Do not ignore General Aptitude & Engineering Mathematics: General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics carries 30 percent of the total marks and hence these are most important sections in GATE Syllabus. So prepare these sections to perform well in GATE Exam.

    7. Practice Mock Tests: Taking mock test will help you adapt to the online pattern as this year you will have to use a virtual Calculator enabled in their test logins. 80 percent of GATE questions may not require the virtual calculator, so use the virtual calculator whenever it is really required for complex calculations.

    8. Have proper exam strategy: Read the each question carefully and decide whether you can answer. If any question is difficult to solve, please postpone for the next scan. During first scan, identify the questions which you can answer and answer all such questions without any mistakes. During second scan, try all unanswered questions which you have decided to answer them in the next scan.

    9. Finally, hard work and confidence will help you to crack the GATE Exam. Attempt GATE exam with the full positive environment and give maximum try to perform the best.

    Hope this helps!!!

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