How to Write a Curriculum Vitae or CV (With Free Samples)


How to Write a Curriculum Vitae: People applying for jobs or changing the existing jobs needs a document listed with the information understandable to the employer. Curriculum Vitae is popularly known as CV, which is a Latin word means “course of life”. The CV contains your personal and professional details in the employer understandable format. The CV contains the personal information of the candidate, educational qualifications, work experiences, achievements, skills, interstates and references information. The CV will not follow a specific format yet nowadays CV is being written in modern but professional format. So, now let us deeply discuss the information about ‘how to write the CV’.

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae or CV (With Free Samples)

Curriculum Vitae

Rules to Prepare the CV

Mention the Company Details

  • Study the company’s requirements before going to prepare the CV. And list the specific information in your profile. Go through the profile of the company while you are applying and check with the needs of that particular post and make your CV convincing for it.
  • List all your previous jobs and dates in it. Mention the starting date and leaving dates of the previous jobs.

Mention your Hobbies and Interests

  • List your hobbies and interests in your CV. Try to give the best habits showing you as a team oriented person rather than an individual. Picturize yourself as a go-getting person to give a good impression to the employer.
  • Mention the sports and events that you have participated in past. Suppose if you participated in any charity events, you must mention it in the CV to give a good impression.

Mention Your Key Skills

  • Mention your key skills in any of the grounds like Excel, Web designing, SEO, etc. Do not forget to list all your key skills in the CV.
  • Also mention the targeted skills which are required for job.
  • Create a neat format of your CV with clear spacing between the sections. Keep in mind that the resume must look professional with perfect font and perfect size.

Mention Personal Details

  • Mention the clear details of name, mobile number, email id in the CV. Make them clearly visible with good font size.
  • Do not forget to provide the house address, telephone number, and email id. Also, mention the alternative address if there.
  • Also, the personal profile is important in CV. This gives a good impression for the employer. Maintain an impression that you can adapt to the new environment and can work determined for new job.

Mention Your Educational Qualifications

  • The Educational Qualifications must be mentioned in the CV. Do not forget to mention the year of study and year of pass, pass percentage details. Specify your educational details in the chronological order. And mention your study institution details/ university details of your entire education. Also mention the grade in the resume.
  • It is important to provide the details of your previous work experience. List all your previous works and leaving dates. Initially specify the recent job you are currently doing and went back to the previous works you did in the past.

Mention Your Skills, Achievements and Professional Traits

  • Mention your skills, achievements accomplished in your previous jobs. Mention any of the samples of your work if there.
  • If you are having good interests, list them in the CV. They give a positive impression to the employer. So, make sure to provide the list of your interests.
  • Also, you can mention the information of your necessities like leaving work to taking care of children etc. By mentioning the information, the employer can understand with your situation.

Mention the Section for References

  • Provide the information related to your previous employer, professors etc. So that, the company may contact the persons to know more information about your previous work. Before mentioning the name of the reference person, communicate with the person that you are mentioning her/her name. Mention the Reference persons contact numbers and names and email ids for easy contacts.

Final Improvements to Your CV

  • Once ensure that there are no grammar/spelling mistakes in CVs. A CV might have the minor errors. So, refer twice are thrice for any mistakes.
  • Go through all the sentences for any grammar mistakes. And check once that you can project them in any better format.
  • Also, show your CV to a friend or well-wisher to collect the final opinion on it.

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