JNTUA Guidelines to Conduct Examinations in view of COVID-19


JNTUA Guidelines to Conduct Examinations in view of COVID-19


Sub: Guidelines for the examinations and classwork for the students of Constituent, Autonomous and Affiliated Institutions -Regd.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur expresses its greetings to all the Management members, Principal, Faculty members and students of this University. Stay safe and Healthy. This University in tune with UGC and AICTE has contemplated for conducting classwork and examinations for the students studying in Constituent, Autonomous and Affiliated institutions. Accordingly, the guidelines are given as follows.

Registrations of the students attending final Year Regular examinations should be as per norms of the University. Registration for backlog subjects of final Year students will be informed at the earliest.

The above guidelines are given in view of COVID-19 crisis. However, these guidelines are applicable only for this academic year only. Any changes will be communicated to you through JNTUA Web portal. This University should conduct all examinations by taking all safe and precautionary steps. The guidelines given by this University and UGC as well are enclosed to follow strictly.

The examination scheduled will be given such that not more than 2 or 3 branches of Engineering students to write the final Semester examinations. Precautionary steps to be taken to maintain the social distance. All class rooms should be sanitized.

Final semester students near to any of the place may opt for writing the end semester and mid semester examinations. Thereby, the mid examination question papers should be communicated to the colleges, where students are writing the examinations.

All other precautionary steps as enclosed in the Annexure have to be strictly followed. All transport facilities with necessary sanitization may be given to avoid the corona problem. All hostels should be sanitized and necessary precautionary steps to be taken for food preparations. Each room may be given to only one student. Students nearby to opted places to write the examination need not be given any hostel rooms.

Guidelines for opening of the constituent and affiliated colleges and conduct of examinations

  1. Before commencement of the classwork or the examinations, all the buildings of the colleges as well as the hostels (if any) are to be sanitized and disinfected.
  2. All the students and staff members must wear masks while they are in the campus.
  3. Sanitizers are to be provided at the entrance of the campus/building and the security on-duty must ensure that every staf member/student cleans their hand with the liquid sanitizers. The security f
    should allow those, who only wear masks.
  4. Social distancing should be maintained at every place viz. inside the classrooms, laboratories, examination halls and places of common amenities like canteen, mess etc.,
  5. Thermal scanning has to be carried out at the place of entry into the campus to all students and the staff.
  6. Appropriate measures need to be taken to maintain sufficient distancing while operating the college buses.
  7. All the class rooms where the classes and examinations are conducted, the laboratories and college buses are to be sanitized on regular basis.
  8. If any student falls sick, he/she should be kept in isolated place; proper care and appropriate first aid treatment must be rendered. The case shall be reported to appropriate authorities.
  9. No meetings or gatherings of any sort are to be conducted in the colleges.
  10. All the examinations will be conducted as per the instructions of the state Govt Higher Education Dept., as and when received
  11. Any provisions which are stored in the college attached hostels shall get inspected and certified by the Food Inspector before usage and starting of the messes.
  12. Any suspected corona case (after thermal scanning and other symptoms) should be brought to the notice of the Principal of the college. Such persons should undergo for blood test, corona test etc., The same shall be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  13. The universities should strengthen the mechanism of mentor – mentee through dedicated portal on university website to impact timely guidance and counselling to the students. Besides, faculty advisor and supervisor assigned to each student should maintain regular communication with the students.
  14. All hostel workers must wear the face masks and maintain the physical distance while working. They should frequently sanitize their hands.
  15. All hostel workers, Institution staff and faculty should maintain hygienic environment in the hostels, class rooms, library, laboratories and examination halls regularly by cleaning them with disinfectants.
  16. University is contemplating the conduct the final year project work viva-voce through online. Hence, necessary recording of the entire viva-voce process and record of all marks sheets, viva­voce reports certified by the internal & external examine etc., as per the university norms, should be maintained by the concerned departments.
  17. Subjective type Examinations as per the University norms shall be conducted in the respective institutions (without jumbling). Thereby, all the CC cameras in the examination halls must be in working condition and the recordings must be made available. The video recordings must be sent to University.
  18. In each class rooms 24 students are allowed to write the examination
  19. Purified water only must be supplied to the students during the examinations.
  20. Initially only final year regular examinations will be conducted. Any backlogs examinations will be conducted at a later date. (As per Govt decision).
  21. All the answer scripts must be handed over to the examination centres carefully by the respective insJitution by taking all necessary precautionary steps.
  22. In order to avoid the crowd in conducting the examinations, the examinations for only final year students belonging to two disciplines should be conducted in each spell.
  23. Examination results will be announced at the earliest by this University and certificates will be given at the earliest.
  24. All Autonomous institutes, Constituent colleges and affiliated institutes have to follow the same examination pattern as followed in earlier academic years, without any deviation.
  25. Students, who are staying within the town/place, may be given local transport facility following all precautionary steps to avoid any infections due to corona. The necessary permissions, if any required·should be taken from the District Collector. The institute may please do needful in this regard.

Letter & JNTUA Guidelines-Conduction of Exams

UGC-Guidelines to Conduct examinations

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  1. Is there any chance to attempt final year student having backlog in 3-2 semester to get their btech certificate normally with their co-students.

  2. Ok jntua all facilities and staff members make a simple note we will take the full responsibility of anybody gets corona.


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