JNTUA M.Tech R17 Syllabus & Course Structure (All Specializations)

JNTUA M.Tech R17 Syllabus & Course Structure (All Specializations)



M.Tech I, II, III, IV Semesters (R17) Course Structure & Detailed Syllabus – All Specializations​

Note: Effective for the students admitted into M.Tech from the Academic Year 2017-18 on-wards [2017 & 2018 Admitted Batches]

M.Tech – Civil Engineering

Computer Aided Structural Engineering

Construction Planning & Management

Geotechnical Engineering

Highway Engineering

Structural Engineering & Construction Management

Structural Engineering​

M.Tech – Computer Science Engineering

Computer Networks

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science

Software Engineering​

M.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering

Digital Electronics and Communication Systems

Digital Systems and Computer Electronics

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Embedded Systems

VLSI and Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems and VLSI

VLSI and Embedded Systems Design

VLSI System Design

VLSI Systems


M.Tech – Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Power Engineering

Power Systems

Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

Power Electronics

Power Electronics & Drives

Power & Industrial Drives​

M.Tech – Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Systems


Machine Design

Production Engineering & Engineering Design

Production Engineering

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

Thermal Engineering

Thermal Sciences & Energy Systems

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