JNTUA Info About Mid, Internal, End, Backlog Exams (I, II, III & IV Years)


JNTUA Info About Mid, Internal, End, Backlog Exams (I, II, III & IV Years)


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur expresses its greetings to all the Management members, Principal, Faculty members and students of this University. Stay safe and Healthy. This University in tune with UGC and AICTE has contemplated for conducting classwork and examinations for the students studying in Constituent, Autonomous and Affiliated institutions. Accordingly, the guidelines are given as follows.

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1. Internal examinations for I, II and III year (II Mid exams)

  • Internal examination (II Mid exams) will be conducted along with End exams.
  • Students will be promoted to next year giving the credit exemptions for this year only.
  • Internal marks will be awarded for these years at later time, after conducting the II Mid exam.

2. Internal examination for the IV year students

Internal examination (II Mid) will be conducted along with End exams from September onwards based on the COVID-19 scenario. Internal marks will be awarded for these years at later time, after conducting the II Mid exam.

3. End examinations for I, II & III years

Examinations may be conducted at later time, when normalcy is restored. However, students may be promoted to the next corresponding years by giving exemptions to the credits as on the date of promotion.

4. End examinations for the IV year students

  • Final term and also Mid-term examinations will be conducted in the month of September onwards.
  • No jumbling system and students can opt for nearby places near to their residents to write examinations.
  • Examinations for different disciplines will be given different dates All affiliated institutions and autonomous institutions will take care of conducting the examinations as per the precautionary steps given by JNTUA and UGC.

5. Viva voce Examinations for B.Tech / M.Tech / B.Pharm / M.Pharm / M.B.A / M.C.A & Ph.D. & Comprehensive Viva voce

Viva Voce will be conducted online with necessary recording facility by the concerned institutions as per the norms of the University (Item 8.3 (b)).

6. Backlog subjects

  • The students of the terminal semester having backlogs will be examined as per the norms of the University from the month of September onwards. No credit exemptions for the terminal semester students.
  • However, students having backlogs for I, 11 & III years will be conducted when normalcy is restored.

7. Commencement of classwork

As per AICTE guidelines online classes will be commenced for existing students from 17-08-2020 onwards.

8. Attendance for theory classes

Attendance for online classes as per the UGC guidelines will be added to offline attendance.

9. Attendance for the laboratory classes

Cumulative attendance will be considered based on number of practical classes attended before lockdown.

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JNTUA Guidelines to Conduct Examinations in view of COVID-19

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  1. If situation is critical and not able to conduct exams what about our r13 candidates those who are having arrears our life depends on the exams only sir plz understand our problem

  2. Sir na badha nu evariki cheppalo teliyaka meku english lo cheppaleka ila cheptuna sir almost anni regulation vallaku icharu subjects vadulukovadaniki final year iopyaka only okka r13 regulation tappa yenduku sir. Memu kuda students ye kada na kunna adoka subject ni compleat cheyaleka chala badha padutuna sir.Chala stress ga feel avutuna sir m cheyalo artam kaka. Please help me sir maku kuda oka subject vadulukunela cheyandi sir.Please reply ivvandi sir.

  3. Sir can you please make a keen look regarding backlog students because not all people having backlog are worth of it which means as our answer sheets are verified by humans there may be few mistakes which leads to backlog so , my sincere request is could please think about backlog students.Thank you sir

    • Sir my name is praveen iam r13 regulation student i have only one supply please think about r13 regulation students so many members have below three supply please think about there life also sir. Already they are facing so many stress and pressure from this society. Please think about me sir ???

  4. Sir can u plz think about r13 students also lot of us having one or two subjects our life depends on the exams only so plz understand our problem

  5. I am ready for exams make sure and give permission to all students, if anybody gets this virsus make them a separate room for the another examination because of no student ready to study another time…kk

  6. Please provide insurance to very final year and passedout backlogs students who are going to write✍️exams in the month of September by (jntua)

  7. I have been writing 1 sub backlog from the past 1and half year now I have to wait for it another one more year only for that one subject..do u think there is no need of a career for backlog students…the worst decision I have ever made in my life is joining in jntua

  8. What if the student is staying in another state now?? Can they also opt for nearby centres in that particular place??

  9. Basically ur telling the backlogs student yo wait for one more year to write exams…?!! We also have a career to look for…!!

  10. already detention Ayina Vallani promote chestara sir nenu supply fees pay chesanu 20l8 detained in b Tech jntuk


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