JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharm For 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 Supply & All PG Exams Commence from 2nd week of October, 2020


JNTUH B.Tech/B.Pharm For 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 Supply & All PG Exams Commence from 2nd week of October, 2020


The Principals are informed to note that the second spell of University exams are likely to commence from 2nd week of October, 2020 (This notification will be issued shortly). This second spell semester examinations comprises of regular & supply examinations of all PG courses (including Pharm D) and all I-I, II-I, III-I and IV-I supply exams of B.Tech. and B.Pharm. courses. All the I-II, II-II and III-II (even semester) regular examinations of B. Tech.& B. Pharm. courses shall be conducted in the third spell of semester exams, which will commence from the last week of October, 2020.

2nd Spell12-10-20201-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 Sem Supply Exams For B.Tech/B.Pharmacy
All PG Regular/Supply Exams Including Pharm D
3rd SpellLast Week Of Oct 20201-2, 2-2, 3-2 Sem Regular Exams For B.Tech/B.Pharmacy

With regard to the center preferences (centers near to their place of residence), unlike in the previous spell, the students can choose the exam centers (not the districts) as preferences. The Principals are informed to collect three center preferences from the students for all the regular & supplementary examinations of spell-2 and spell-3. The last date to upload the Center preferences of all students, to the registrations portal, is 23-09-2020 (Wednesday).

Giving three preference centers is mandatory for the students who wish to write the exam at other than parent colleges. The system shall allocate one of the three centers randomly. If any student gives onlyone or two center preferences, then the criterion for the allocation is as follows: firstly, the system shall allocate the center to those who have given all three valid preferences, then the system shall allocate center to those who have given two valid preferences and then finally to those who have given one center as preference if the accommodation is still available at the center. If accommodation is not available at any of the preference centers, the student shall be allocated the parent college (by default). The students who wish to write their examinations at the parent college should not give the preferences.

The centers allotted to IV-II B.Tech/B.Pharm students and IV Sem MBA students  for writing their  final semester exams (spell-1) shall be retained; However if these students desire to change their centers, the options from these students should also be collected. If these students want to write at Parent College or some other college, such students need to give their preferences.

The answer booklets shall be printed and packed based on the preferences which the students opt now. Hence the change of exam center shall not be entertained. With genuine reasons if Principals ask for the change of center of any student after the center allotment, for each exam- student combination, a penalty of Rs. 1,000/- shall be levied.

The services for semester exam registrations of all semesters of B.Tech, B.Pharm & MBA (except final semester) and all semesters of MCA, M.Tech, M.Pharm, PharmD with late fee are now enabled. The Principals are informed to communicate with all the students who have not yet registered for their semester examinations.

Like in the first spell, in next two spells also, the colleges are requested to extend their services to the autonomous colleges under JNTUH, for their students who desire to write the exam in your city /place. The colleges will be intimated about the allotted autonomous colleges as well as session-wise students’ count.

After the examination of each session, each autonomous college answer scripts must be separately bundled with rubber bands/ packed and all the autonomous college bundles/ packets must be packed into one big bundle. These answer scripts should not be mixed with University exams answer scripts.

Download the Official Notification here

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  1. How can we know the exams are compulsory going to conduct.you are not even issuing the exam dates too. If the government decided to conduct exams with all decisions .Then issue the time table fast.I think you only doesn't know exams are going to there are not .you only doesn't have any clarity about exams .And making us fool this shows how you are irresponsible towards students.

  2. Sir please don't conduct exams sir,books kuda levu sir,yem chadhavali yela rayali sir,ippatikippudu books yela vasthayi sir….
    Try to understand students problems…please sirr….

  3. Oka sir aina maku respond avandi..Leda ma students andarm gumpuluga vachi mi Madhya lo untamu…Carona Bayam tho akade chastaru.vere state lo unnam..memoste ma family ki society ki emitadi..vachhe darilo maku vaaste ma valla entha Mandi chastaru..think once….plz

  4. I'm in Delhi present
    Carona Case's peruguthunai
    Girls married persons untaru kada.maku ma husband important at the same Tim ma study maku important xms bags rasina fail chestunaru…revolution without fee pedithe vandals mandi students pas avutharu.worest jntuh chaduvukunna vala kante farmers better ma antha mental mention undadhu valaki….mimalnnni tippali bus lalo trains lalo miku pranam viluva telustdi…na kopaniki badhaki boothulu vastunai…miku money important chavandi

  5. How can we write the exams we write only supplys noy regular exams the syllabus not completed how can we write now the next sem classes also started …….
    So please we all are requesting u to don't do this


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