JNTUH CBT for Internal marks improvement followed by One-time chance exam for students of all courses


JNTUH CBT for Internal marks improvement followed by One-time chance exam for students of all courses


I am pleased to inform you that the orders have been issued after the approval of University Executive Council (vide ref. 1 cited above) to conduct a Computer Based Test (CBT) or equivalent exam to improve internal marks for the candidates who have completed their course work but did not pass one or more subjects in the semester examinations due to very low/zero internal marks.

In complying with the above said orders, it is proposed to conduct CBT exams for improvement of internal marks for all eligible candidates. Further it is also proposed to conduct onetime-chance semester-end exams, for the candidates of all courses who completed their course work and completed the stipulated number of attempts to clear their backlog subjects. These CBT exams and one-time-chance exams shall be scheduled along with the Odd-Semester regular examinations (October/November-2023). The Principals are informed to convey this information to all their former students who completed their course work, but could not clear their backlogs.

The notification for conduct of CBT exams (for internal improvement) as well as one-time chance exams shall be issued shortly along with the list of eligible candidates for writing CBT exams.

The detailed FAQs are given as Annexure to this letter for understanding the scope of the new orders of the University. The cooperation of the Principals is highly solicited

1) Who are eligible to write CBT exam for improvement of internal marks?

The students who secure internal marks less than the marks specified are only eligible to write the CBT exam for improvement of internal marks. This specified marks can be computed using the formula: 0.4*Total-Marks -0.35*External-marks in case of UG courses and 0.5 *Total Marks -0.4* External-marks in case of PG courses.

2) After writing CBT exam for internal marks improvement, is it necessary to write (one time chance) semester end exam?
Yes. It is compulsory to register and write (one time chance) semester–end examinations after the CBT exam. The final marks will be calculated based on the CBT and semesters end examination of special supply exams

3) Whether the students who write special CBT followed by one-time-chance exam are eligible for grace marks / credit exemption?
Yes, the students who write CBT exam followed by (one-time-chance) semester end exam are eligible for the grace marks as well as undertaking as per the academic regulations prevailing during the period study of their course work.

4) Are the previous internal marks will be deleted if the marks secured in the present CBT are less or registered for CBT but not appeared?
No, if the new marks are less than the old internal marks or registered but not attended CBT exam, the old internal marks will be retained, as it is an internal improvement examination.

5) One-time chance of CBT are meant for only UG (B. Tech. and B. Pharm.) courses or for both UG and PG courses?
These examinations are primarily meant for all the UG courses which are offered at JNTU/JNTUH. The University has given permission for re-registration of specific courses and/or registration for internal marks improvement from the R09 regulations onwards. Hence the students of PG courses after R09 regulations are not eligible to register for CBT exams. If academic regulations of specific PG course has not given a provision for re-registration of subjects and /or registration for improvement of internal marks, students of such courses are also eligible for the internal improvement exams.

6) Are the PG students who passed all the subjects but did not submit project works are eligible to registers for project viva exams?
Yes such PG students are eligible to register for project viva exam. The list of all PG students who are eligible to apply for projects viva-vice exam have been shared with principals of respective colleges (from the admitted year 2009 onwards). However if any student is eligible but not show in the list, such candidates can also register using the physical application form attached as annexure to main notification.

7) I am having backlog subjects, but the software application does not show the details when my hall ticket number is entered, What to do?
If any students are eligible but not shown in the list, such candidates can also register using the physical application form attached as annexure to main notification.

8) I am a PG student I completed course work of first two semesters. But I did not complete comprehensive viva-voce exam or seminar in 3rd 4th semester. AM I eligible?
No. The comprehensive viva-voce and seminar are part of internal assessment. Hence it treated as part of course work. Such students are not eligible to appear for one-time chance exam (even double the duration plus two years term completed)

9) Is it possible to register for these examinations directly in website?
No. The candidates have to consult the college either physically or over phone / mail, where they studied their course, to complete the registration process along with the fee payment.

10) How to do the registrations for the exams if the college where the candidate studied was closed?
Most of the closed colleges have been attached to one or more affiliated colleges under JNTUH at the time of closure of their college. The students have to approach the attached college for the registration of CBT/one-time-chance exam. For any further information, the candidates can reach the University examination branch at student service section.

11) Is it applicable for the students of the colleges which are now affiliated to JNTUK, JNTUA and JNAFAU?
No, these students are not eligible. As the data of these students has already been transferred to the respective Universities, such students cannot be given eligibility to write the CBT exam and one-time chance exams of JNTUH.

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  1. I have mailed to vc,examnation branch but no response, even i have consulted in university itself but no response,list are not updated properly for all regulation students upto r15 as per records and rules

  2. Where is list of names of students in portal upto r15 regulation bcs they are eligible,as per previous record double they duration is minimum eligibility, because first attempt of r05,r09,r13 one time chance exam were attempted on completion of double the duration,r15 attempted in 2021 where even double the duration havent completed

  3. Im M.Tech R17 i have one backlog and i need to improve Internal marks because i have less marks, iam i eligible to One Time Chance Exam


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