JNTUH Circular on Lockdown extension till 7th May 2020


JNTUH Circular on Lockdown extension till 7th May 2020


In continuation of the University Circular (2) (4) and (6) cited, the Government of Telangana have issued orders that the lock down measures as already in force in Telangana State vide ref. (1), (3), (5) and (7) cited, shall apply till 7th May 2020.

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Under the circumstances stated above, the Vice-Chancellor has issued the following orders to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic in the State of Telangana:

i. All the Principals/ Directors of the Constituent and Affiliated (Autonomous and Non-Autonomous) Colleges/ Units, JNTUH are requested to close their respective Units and observe the lockdown till 7th May 2020.​

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  1. Respected sir
    I live in village actually we have poor signals here that to online class .online exams are conducting within in a particular duration of time we have to write we have a poor signals. We are not able to write exams .
    So I request you sir please cancel these online classes.
    Thank you sir

  2. Sir I am the student of diploma 1st year..here am requesting you to stop online classes because many of the students stays in hostels and the books are in hostels…due to lack of books if we listen the online classes there will be no profit I think so…and we some of the students who are interested in learning are not having personal mobiles due to this we are not attending to online classes and the attendance percentage of online classes is less than 70%…and the signals in the village area is too week…so please stop online classes…

  3. We cant understand online classes
    All are fail in semester exams conformly (95% of students fail in sems conformly)

  4. Sir,
    I live in village,Actually we have poor signals here,that to online classes,we don't have proper signal for good conference video and in live class at class, students arises many doubts and also books are stuked in hostels and these e-books are not such interest to study in the mobile.so please note this points sure make a good decision to the students future and career.
    Thank you sir/madam.

  5. Respected sir,
    On the behalf of the all the JNTUH students. I am requesting you that please the cancel the exams sir.. because the first thing we all came to our villages. And we are not having a single book with us to read( bz on that there was sudden bandh) ..
    And the second thing is ONLINE classes … We are not able under stand what the faculty is explaining.. nd now are having any online classes because of ZOOM app .. which govt said that it is harm full.
    And the third thing is we didn't completed our syllabus..
    If it is completed also we are not having any books with us …
    Sir, please cancel the exams and understand our problem sir..??

  6. Sir/Madam,
    M.Tech results released next day on word to all world fight covid-19.
    Our M.Tech results are 20 – 26th of March 2020 But revaluation last date 7th april 2020. This is between the lock down period.
    So kindly to extend the revaluation date for this month-may 2020.

  7. I think it's time to look into this..
    There are students who are not able to understand the online classes..
    And there are students who are from remote areas..
    I hope you do something about this situation in this pandemic time..

  8. Sir we have a problem in online teaching classes. Sir one thing when the students are in the class they can't understand properly they got many questions in their mind how it comes, how to do, what is the simple way etc…but your need is to complete students syllabus whether they understood or not. Try to understand sir……..


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