JNTUH Instructions of conducting 2nd Mid Exams of B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-1, 1-2 Semester March 2021


JNTUH Instructions of conducting 2nd Mid Exams of B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-1, 1-2 Semester March 2021


The Principals of the colleges offering I Year I Sem B.Tech & B. Phamacy courses are informed to note the following guidelines for conducting the second midterm examinations and external lab exams.

JNTUH Instructions of conducting second midterm exams

1) The II midterm examinations of I year B.Tech / B. Pharm shall be conducted in descriptive mode as specified in the academic regulations; i.e. the objective and the descriptive papers for a duration of 1 hour 20 minutes (20 minutes for objective and one hour for examinations).

2) The examination may be conducted at the identified host colleges in addition to the parent college. The college principals have to take the city/town preferences of the students and identify only one center for all the students of one town/city, in addition to their own college. The colleges need to directly contact the host colleges to provide the examination venue to their students.

3) The question papers of second -midterm examinations need to be set by the parent colleges

4) The question papers may be sent to host colleges in the encrypted form by mail or printed question papers. If the parent colleges prefer to send printed question papers the sufficient number of question papers subject-wise need to be sent to the host colleges. All the question papers of one subject need to be bundled separately and all these bundles of one session need to be kept in one envelope and sealed. Sufficient number of answer booklets are also to be packed for each host college along with the question papers.

5) For this mid examinations of I year B. Tech. & B. Pharm courses, either parent college can send the stationary to the host colleges or else host colleges pre-printed stationary may be used. If the host college stationary is used, stationary charges need to be paid by parent college along with center charges Rs.20/- per candidate per subject and postal charges. The charges need to be paid to host colleges directly by the parent colleges

6) For other state students, hostel accommodation may be provided in the college attached hostels, following the COVID-19 norms and protocols. A declaration need to be taken from those students wrt complying with the COVID-19 norms while residing in the hostels.

7) The second midterm examinations of I year B. Tech. & B. Pharm. courses shall be conducted from 30-03-2021.

8) There shall be two examinations on one day. The exams should be conducted in two session 9:30 AM to 10:50AM, and 1:30PM to 2:50PM.

9) The Principals are informed to depute the staff of their respective colleges who are residing in nearby towns/villages to the host colleges to perform the observer duty at the host centers.

10) The answer booklets after the examinations are to be packed at the host-colleges, parent college-wise & session-wise and may be handed over to the parent colleges on daily basis or after the last exam as per the requests made by the Principals of the parent colleges. If the answer booklets are to be handed over after the last day of exams, all the sealed answer booklet bundles must be kept in safe and secured place under the direct control of Principal of Host College.

11) The seating arrangement should be in zig-zag manner and all the COVID norms are to be strictly followed.

12) All the students must carry their college-identity cards while writing their midterm exams both at parent colleges as well as at host colleges.

13) Confidentiality and integrity should be maintained in entire process of conducting the examination. Any deviation in this regard will be viewed seriously and punitive action will be taken to this effect.

14) The time-tables of the second midterm examinations of  I year  B.Tech & B. Pharm. courses are   already kept in the portal

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