JNTUH : Notice to the Detained Students of R09, R13 and R15 Regulations


Subject : Notice to the Detained Students of R09, R13 and R15 Regulations of JNTUH

JNTUH : Notice to the Detained Students of R09, R13 and R15 Regulations

The students who were detained in B.Tech. I year for want of credits, may note that the next supplementary examinations will be conducted during April/May 2017, along with the regular students admitted in the academic year 2016-17. The students have to appear for the examinations in R09/R13/R15 Regulations syllabus only.

The detailed time table will be placed in the website four weeks before the commencement of the examinations. The students have to register for the supplementary examinations in the failed subjects. After obtaining the required number of credits, the students will be promoted to II year I semester.

Hence the students are advised to concentrate on their studies and pass in all the subjects by utilizing this period. The students wit h no backlogs perform better in subsequent years of study as all the I year subjects are pre-requisites for advanced subjects at II year level.

Download the Official Notification Here – Click Here

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  1. Hi
    I was detained as r15 batch promoted to r16 batch
    Rules should apply as r16
    But i got named as grace marks one sub-r16 and undertakings one sub-16
    But there was one more subject of r15 but not listed
    Also i have applied for both but till now no response from jntuh
    Iam so confused as batch of r15 r16
    Please let me know what should i do💔

    • Hey even i am going through same scenario,if you have any clue could you please let me it will be much obliged, as in 2021 i have left with 3subject which all of those were from r15 regulation and there was no other backlog but my exam brach member said that i will be considered as r16 regulation he said this in 2021 however now i am left with one back log and i went to apply for grace but now they are saying that you will be listed as r15 regulation but if this so then i had completed my degree a year ago

  2. I have detained at 4 2 semister now I want to study the entire final year or only 4 2 semister can u plzzz rply me sir

  3. Hi sir. I'm regulation of r09 2010-14 batch… I have 2 failed subjects if m1 and m3 those credits are 6+3 can I remove it with exemption. Plz reply me…. tq

  4. Sir I was detained in r13 reg ans was promoted to 3-2 in r15 but I wanted to know on what bases they wil promote me to 4-1 that is credits of r13 r r15 which wil be considered?

  5. Sir am r09 student detained in after 2-1, then I continue my btech r13 ,now I came which regulation pls tell me sir

  6. I was r09 batch i was detained and i promoted and to r15
    Which regulation should i follow it r09or r15 for promotion from 3 to 4 year

    • Awaiz, Detained student has to take readmission again . if you took readmission in 2015 either in 2nd , 3rd or 4th year, then you belong to r15 then you should only follow r15 syllabus. SUPPOSE IF YOU ARE R09 BATCH STUDENT, GOT DETAINED IN 3-2, AND YOU TOOK READMISSION IN 3-2 IN 2015, THEN YOU STUDY R15 SYLLABUS BOOKS FOR 3-2 .4-1 AND 4-2 SEMISTERS. AND ALSO FROM 1ST YEAR TO 3-1 YOU BELONGS TO R09 BATCH AND STUDY R09 SYLLABUS BOOKS . FROM 3-2 T0 4-2 SEMESTER YOU BELONG TO R15. if you have doubt ask me.

      • promotion rules R 09 ae vasthaya bro endukante academic regulations under which he was first admitted shall continues and applicable to him ani undi anduke aduguthunna

      • can i just know im r15 series and i got 76 credits upto 3-1 will i qualify to 4th year and i just passed 1 subject in 3-2 and will i have advance supply? please answer me fast

      • I was detained in 1st year(2017-21) R16 regulation due to lack of lacks after an year I promoted to 2nd year but which regulation I belong to R16 or R18 because in 1st year I have M3 and I passed it but in R18 M3 was in second year did I write the exam again or should I follow the subjects in R16 only.Please help me

      • Sir I am from Avanti institute of engineering and technology Vijayanagar, I got detained in 4th year r16 because I didn't pay Exam Fee. What should I do and if I take readmission in 4tg year should I follow r19 ?
        Please tell me I don't know what to do right now

      • I am saikrishna from Jntuh R15 batch i have detained on 4th year and again rejoined at R16 regulation
        I have two subjects backlog

        1 is from R15 with 4 credits (p&s)
        2 is from R16 with 3 credits (Dm)

        Can i have the chance to leave those subjects

        Thank you

  7. Sir i deten in m tech 2016-2017 in this year collage dont fell me fourm 1st year 1st sam how i fill fourm collage aict hyatnagar says jntuh dont acept fourm sir this is my carier help me 7562944201. Rall no 165T1D0517.

  8. Hi i have passed MBA 1st yr and now i enterted in MBA 2nd yr but because of less attendance my clg is detaining me so do i need to pay whole 2 ND year fee to get my certificates back which i submitted at the time of admission


  10. please let us know whether the supplementary exams result written by r15 batch students after writing their 2-2 will aso be considered in promoting them


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