JNTUH M.Tech / M.Pharm / MBA / MCA Project Panels Notification July 2020


JNTUH M.Tech / M.Pharm / MBA / MCA Project Panels Notification July 2020


Sub: JNTUH – Exam Branch – M.Tech, M.Pharm, MBA & MCA Courses – Fee payment details and Procedure for Evaluation of Project (Viva-Voce Exam) JULY 2020. – Reg.

In connection with the conduct of Project Viva-Voce Examinations in the academic year– 2019-20 for R15, R17 regulations M. Tech/ M. Pharm/ MBA/ MCA R15, R17 regulations students, the Principals of all affiliated colleges offering these courses are informed that the payment of Project viva-voce exam fee is to be done in RTGS / IFSC mode only. The registration details are to be uploaded to the M.Tech, M.Pharm MBA and MCA project panels registration server by using URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in” . The project viva-voce exams should be conducted as per instructions mentioned below:

1. The student is permitted to submit Project thesis, only after successful completion of all Theory and Practical courses.

2. The students can submit their Project to the college after completion of the duration of the project work. The last date for submission of projects in their respective colleges is extended up to 14-07-2020 for this phase.

3. The college should upload the list of panel, consisting of Three External Examiners (with Designation, Department, Working address and contact details) for a group of 4 or 5 Students with details of i) H.T.No & ii) Project title, to the portal on or before 28-07-2020 for approval. The project panels uploading service will be available from 21-07-2020.

4. The Fee for Project Viva-Voce Exam to be collected for M.Tech/M.Pharm/MBA/MCA courses is Rs. 3000/- per student. If the student has not paid the fee for the provisional certificate, a fee of Rs.210/- should also be collected and paid to university along with the University component of Viva-Voce examination. Out of Rs.3000/- an amount of Rs.2500 per student is to be retained by the college and the remaining amount of Rs.500/- should be paid to the University along with provisional certificate fee (if applicable) in the form of RTGS transfer and this RTGS receipt along with printout of uploaded panels should be submitted to under signed on or before 30-07 -2020.

5. The Project Evaluation Reports has to be uploaded to the server by using URL: “registrations1.jntuh.ac.in”on the same day of examination and the signed copy of evaluation report along with the photocopy of the University Proceedings (appointing the external examiners) should be sent to under signed after completion of Viva-Voce Examination.

6. No penalty may be levied to the student if a student submits project within one calendar year after completion of penultimate semester (6 months from the last semester). If the student is unable to submit the project within one calendar year, a penalty of Rs.5000/- will be levied for the first year of late submission,Rs.12000/- will be levied during second year of submission and Rs.18000/- will be levied during third year of submission, to the University.

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  1. I am from M.tech R17 batch i submitted my project thesis in 3rd spell which was in march 2020.my clg is asking to pay a penalty of rupees 12000. do i need to pay any penalty for viva voice .

  2. Sir / madam
    Iam a R19 batch M.Tech 1st year 2nd semester student in a college that belongs to JNTUH.
    due COVID-19 Lockdown our college is closed for nearly 4 months by the governament order. But now JNTUH passed a curriculum of completion of Project for R15 and R17, but our college is forcing to complete Mini-Project (R19 batch student of 1st year) by the end of this week and attend for review in next week in college. But we did not get any update from JNTUH about Mini-Project. So iam requesting JNTUH for a solution

  3. Sir iam R19 batch M.Tech 1st year 2nd semester…….. I have mini project in 2nd semester curriculum. Due to Corona last four months there is no college. Is it important for us do mini project right now. Two days back (on Saturday) my college passes a information that it is necessary to complete mini project and come to college for review with in 10 days

  4. Sir , i am from mba department r17 batch , I have cleared my backlog in last November semester , do I am eligible to sudmit my project as per latest update given yesterday, I am ready with my project now.I didn't sudmit in March as College are closed due to lockdown , sir as Per yesterday notification do I am eligible sir.

    Please reply me sir , we are total 5 students waiting for your kind reply


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