JNTUK M.Tech (R13) Academic Regulations (Regular) Degree Course


JNTUK M.Tech (R13) Academic Regulations (Regular) Degree Course, jntu kakinada m.tech regular course academic regulations for r13 regulation students.JNTUK

JNTUK M.Tech (R13) Academic Regulations (Regular) Degree Course

JNTU kakinada M.Tech R13 Regulation Academic Regulations & Detailed Course Structure Given below.


Applicable for the students of M. Tech (Regular) Course from the Academic Year 2013-14 onwards. The M. Tech Degree of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada shall be conferred on candidates who are admitted to the program and who fulfil all the requirements for the award of the Degree.

Also Download : JNTUK M.Tech (R13) Syllabus & Course Structure


Admission to the above program shall be made subject to eligibility, qualification and specialization as prescribed by the University from time to time.

Admissions shall be made on the basis of merit/rank obtained by the candidates at the qualifying Entrance Test conducted by the University or on the basis of any other order of merit as approved by the University, subject to reservations as laid down by the Govt. from time to time.


2.1 A student shall be declared eligible for the award of the M. Tech
Degree, if he pursues a course of study in not less than two and not
more than four academic years.

2.2 The student shall register for all 80 credits and secure all the 80 credits.

2.3 The minimum instruction days in each semester are 90.


The specializations are offered at present for the M. Tech
course of study.


4.1 A student shall be eligible to write University examinations if he acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects.

4.2 Condonation of shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% (65% and above and below 75%) in each semester shall be granted by the College Academic Committee.

4.3 Shortage of Attendance below 65% in aggregate shall not be condoned.

4.4 Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any semester are not eligible to write their end semester examination of that class.

4.5 A prescribed fee shall be payable towards condonation of shortage of attendance.

4.6 A student shall not be promoted to the next semester unless he satisfies the attendance requirement of the present semester, as applicable. They may seek readmission into that semester when offered next. If any candidate fulfills the attendance requirement in the present semester, he shall not be eligible for readmission into the same class.


The performance of the candidate in each semester shall be evaluated subject-wise, with a maximum of 100 marks for theory and 100 marks for practicals, on the basis of Internal Evaluation and End Semester Examination.

5.1 For the theory subjects 60 marks shall be awarded based on the performance in the End Semester Examination and 40 marks shall be awarded based on the Internal Evaluation. The internal evaluation shall be made based on the average of the marks secured in the two Mid Term-Examinations conducted-one in the middle of the Semester and the other immediately after the completion of instruction. Each mid term examination shall be conducted for a total duration of 120 minutes with 4 questions (without choice) each question for 10 marks. End semester examination is conducted for 60 marks for 5 questions to be answered out of 8 questions.

5.2 For practical subjects, 60 marks shall be awarded based on the performance in the End Semester Examinations and 40 marks shall be awarded based on the day-to-day performance as Internal Marks.

5.3 There shall be two seminar presentations during III semester and IV semester. For seminar, a student under the supervision of a faculty member, shall collect the literature on a topic and critically review the literature and submit it to the department in a report form and shall make an oral presentation before the Project Review Committee consisting of Head of the Department, Supervisor and two other senior faculty members of the department. For each Seminar there will be only internal evaluation of 50 marks. A candidate has to secure a minimum of 50% of marks to be declared successful.

5.4 A candidate shall be deemed to have secured the minimum academic requirement in a subject if he secures a minimum of 40% of marks in the End semester Examination and a minimum aggregate of 50% of the total marks in the End Semester Examination and Internal Evaluation taken together.

5.5 In case the candidate does not secure the minimum academic requirement in any subject (as specified in 5.4) he has to reappear for the End semester Examination in that subject. A candidate shall be given one chance to re-register for each subject provided the internal marks secured by a candidate are less than 50% and has failed in the end examination. In such a case, the candidate must re-register for the subject(s) and secure the required minimum attendance. The candidate’s attendance in the reregistered subject(s) shall be calculated separately to decide upon his eligibility for writing the end examination in those subject(s). In the event of the student taking another chance, his internal marks and end examination marks obtained in the previous attempt stand cancelled. For re-registration the candidates have to apply to the University through the college by paying the requisite fees and get approval from the University before the start of the semester in which reregistration is required.

5.6 In case the candidate secures less than the required attendance in any re registered subject (s), he shall not be permitted to write the End Examination in that subject. He shall again reregister the subject when next offered.

5.7 Laboratory examination for M. Tech. courses must be conducted with two Examiners, one of them being the Laboratory Class Teacher or teacher of the respective college and the second examiner shall be appointed by the university from the panel of examiners submitted by the respective college.


Every candidate shall be required to submit a thesis or dissertation on a topic approved by the Project Review Committee.

6.1 A Project Review Committee (PRC) shall be constituted with Head of the Department and two other senior faculty members.

6.2 Registration of Project Work: A candidate is permitted to register for the project work after satisfying the attendance requirement of all the subjects, both theory and practical.

6.3 After satisfying 6.2, a candidate has to submit, in consultation with his project supervisor, the title, objective and plan of action of his project work for approval. The student can initiate the Project work, only after obtaining the approval from the Project
Review Committee (PRC).

6.4 If a candidate wishes to change his supervisor or topic of the project, he can do so with the approval of the Project Review Committee (PRC). However, the Project Review Committee (PRC) shall examine whether or not the change of topic/supervisor
leads to a major change of his initial plans of project proposal. If yes, his date of registration for the project work starts from the date of change of Supervisor or topic as the case may be.

6.5 A candidate shall submit his status report in two stages at least with a gap of 3 months between them.

6.6 The work on the project shall be initiated at the beginning of the II year and the duration of the project is two semesters. A candidate is permitted to submit Project Thesis only after successful completion of theory and practical course with the approval of PRC not earlier than 40 weeks from the date of registration of the project work. The candidate has to pass all the theory and practical subjects before submission of the Thesis.

6.7 Three copies of the Project Thesis certified by the supervisor shall be submitted to the College/School/Institute.

6.8 The thesis shall be adjudicated by one examiner selected by the University. For this, the Principal of the College shall submit a panel of 5 examiners, eminent in that field, with the help of the guide concerned and head of the department.

6.9 If the report of the examiner is not favourable, the candidate shall revise and resubmit the Thesis, in the time frame as decided by the PRC. If the report of the examiner is unfavorable again, the thesis shall be summarily rejected. The candidate has to reregister for the project and complete the project within the stipulated time after taking the approval from the University.

6.10 If the report of the examiner is favourable, Viva-Voce examination shall be conducted by a board consisting of the Supervisor, Head of the Department and the examiner who adjudicated the Thesis. The Board shall jointly report the candidate’s work as
one of the following:
A. Excellent
B. Good
C. Satisfactory
D. Unsatisfactory
The Head of the Department shall coordinate and make arrangements for the conduct of Viva-Voce examination.

6.11 If the report of the Viva-Voce is unsatisfactory, the candidate shall retake the Viva-Voce examination only after three months. If he fails to get a satisfactory report at the second Viva-Voce examination, the candidate has to re-register for the project and complete the project within the stipulated time after taking the approval from the University.


After a student has satisfied the requirements prescribed for the completion of the program and is eligible for the award of M. Tech. Degree he shall be placed in one of the following four classes

Class Awarded

First Class with Distinction

% of marks to be secured

70%  and  above  (Without  any Supplementary Appearance )

First ClassBelow 70% but not less than 60%

70% and above (With any Supplementary Appearance )

Second ClassBelow 60% but not less than 50%

The marks in internal evaluation and end examination shall be shown separately in the memorandum of marks.


If the student has not paid the dues, if any, to the university or if any case of indiscipline is pending against him, the result of the student will be withheld. His degree will be withheld in such cases.


9.1 Discontinued or detained candidates are eligible for readmission into same or equivalent subjects at a time as and when offered.

9.2 The candidate who fails in any subject will be given two chances to pass the same subject; otherwise, he has to identify an equivalent subject as per R13 academic regulations.


10.1 Wherever the words “he”, “him”, “his”, occur in the regulations, they include “she”, “her”, “hers”.

10.2 The academic regulation should be read as a whole for the purpose of any interpretation.

10.3 In the case of any doubt or ambiguity in the interpretation of the above rules, the decision of the Vice-Chancellor is final.

10.4 The University may change or amend the academic regulations or syllabi at any time and the changes or amendments made shall be applicable to all the students with effect from the dates notified by the University.

Note : Above Provided Information only Reference, For More Details Visit JNTUK Official Website Or Contact Respective College’s.

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  1. I completed M.Tech in october2019. I got my pc. i passed first class with distinciton. How can i calculate my percentage.
    1st year 1-1 534/700
    1-2 562/700
    2nd year subject credits max marks marks/grade
    SEMINAR 1 2 50 45
    SEMINAR-2 2 50 48

    Plese how can i calculate my percentage. give me reply as soon as possible

  2. Hello Admin / Users…. I am a Student studying M.Tech in one of afficiated college of JNTU Kakinada University. I had joined in M.Tech at 2014. I had cleared all my Subjects on reevaluation results in October 2018. I had submitted my Project at November, 2018.but my college Management asking me to Pay Late Submission fees as 30% on SUM of fee of all 4 Semesters for Project. as per the rules of our Regulation R 13 for M.Tech, we have chance to submit in 2 + 2 Years. So Please clarify me is there any Project Late Submission fees for students who submitted at 2018 if their Regulation is R13. If Project Late Submission fee is there then How much that fee is to Pay at college. Please update reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you Admin / Users.

    Read more at: http://www.jntufastupdates.com/jntuk-m-tech-r13-academic-regulations/

  3. admitted m.pharm in 2013 batch.i've completed all subjects in time.but project was not completed.is there any chance to complete my project.plz giv the information as soon as possible.plz rply sir.

  4. Hi sir,
    I admitted mtech in 2013 batch.i've completed all subjects in time.but project was not completed.is there any chance to complete my project.plz giv the information as soon as possible.plz rply sir.

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    Can i write this exam with 1-2 exams OR i have to wait for 6 months.

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  7. I admitted Mtech in 2013. I completed all subjects but I didn’t pay the project fee .my degree completed 4 years. My degree is valid or not . If any chance to course entention procedure in jntuk. Plzzzz reply me

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      • I am a student of MTech (2015-17 batch) R13 regulation. I’ve written my first and second semester exams but I have backlogs. I failed to pay the supplementary fee. Do I still have a chance? And kindly let me know what remedial actions I need to take..

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