JNTUK Promotion Rules (R10) from 3rd year to 4th year 2014-15


JNTUK Promotion Rules (R10) from 3rd year to 4th year 2014-15 , JNTUK University Released the Promotional Rules for Promoting into 4th year From 3rd year of R10 Branches.JNTUK

JNTUK Promotion Rules (R10) from 3rd year to 4th year 2014-15 :

Sub: JNTUK Affiliated Colleges – List of detained candidates at end of B. Tech. III Year during the academic year 2014-15 – Implementation of Academic Regulations – Regarding.

You are aware that the B. Tech. students who have not fulfilled the minimum requirements are to be detained as per the academic regulations in force.

JNTUK Promotion Rules (R10) from 3rd year to 4th year 2014­-15. The applicable regulation of minimum credits (R10) for the students admitted in the year 2012 for the promotion to final year is


“A student shall be promoted from third year to fourth year only if he fulfills the academic requirements of 40% of the credits up to III year I Semester from all the examinations or 40% of the credits up to III year II Semester from all the examinations, irrespective of whether the candidate takes the examinations or not.”

The Principals of the affiliated Colleges shall send the list of detained candidate who failed to fulfill the minimum academic regulation immediately Director, Academic and Planning and Director of Evaluation. The Principals can conditionally allow the students by taking an undertaking in case if declaration of any result is pending. However, their continuation in higher class is subjected to the fulfillment of minimum academic regulations.

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  1. Iam detend in 3-2 in 2014, again join next batch write 3-2 exams in 2015 na Hall ticket number change aetada,chala times try chesa results lo na hallticket number type chesthunte invalid ani vastandi what I do pls tell me…..

  2. Sir
    iam r13 batch iam 1year no knowledge in credit system sir
    please Sir
    if we have 1% less happens
    please give 40 to 30 relaxation
    please sir

  3. sir we fourth year people have intimation about this credits system ,

    all of a sudden you people are introducing this system to our batch ,

    starting from the first year our batch have no knowledge about this credits system .

    Please sir ,

    I myself and lot many people will loose a valuable year if you people impassionately do keep this system foe our final year

    we sincerely plead You authorities to remove this system ,

    please sir , alleviate us from this credit system as we don't have any prior knowledge about this system starting from our first year ..

  4. I have required credits… but still my college examination section calling my batch….. total fault of d college

  5. colleges chusina tarvata vaatiki permissiom evandi anavasaranga chatha colleges ki permission echi students jivithalato chelagaatam adukovaddu college aipoenatarvatha road lu pattukoni tiraga valasi vastundhi

  6. College support lekapothey detend avvakapothey amavthaaru students……class loni chepparu examloni chepparu.., only buildup thappa
    …, its totally college fault………, for example. ideal institute of technology………, chetha teachers and chetha administration………, teachers exposing cheyadam anti karma kakapothey


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