JNTUK R16 3-1 Compiler Design Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 3-1 Compiler Design Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 CSE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 3-1 Compiler Design Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 3-1 Compiler Design Material PDF Download


  • Understand the basic concept of compiler design, and its different phases which will be helpful to construct new tools like LEX, YACC, etc.


Introduction Language Processing, Structure of a compiler the evaluation of Programming language, The Science of building a Compiler application of Compiler Technology. Programming Language Basics. Lexical Analysis-: The role of lexical analysis buffing, specification of tokens. Recognitions of tokens the lexical analyzer generator lexical

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Syntax Analysis -: The Role of a parser, Context free Grammars Writing A grammar, top down passing bottom up parsing Introduction to Lr Parser.

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More Powerful LR parser (LR1, LALR) Using Armigers Grammars Equal Recovery in Lr parser Syntax Directed Transactions Definition, Evolution order of SDTS Application of SDTS. Syntax Directed Translation Schemes.

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Intermediated Code: Generation Variants of Syntax trees 3 Address code, Types and Deceleration, Translation of Expressions, Type Checking. Canted Flow Back patching?

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Runtime Environments, Stack allocation of space, access to Non Local date on the stack Heap Management code generation – Issues in design of code generation the target Language Address in the target code Basic blocks and Flow graphs. A Simple Code generation.

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Machine Independent Optimization. The principle sources of Optimization peep hole Optimization, Introduction to Date flow Analysis.

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  1. Compilers, Principles Techniques and Tools.Alfred V Aho, Monical S. Lam, Ravi Sethi Jeffery D. Ullman,2nd edition,pearson,2007
  2. Compiler Design K.Muneeswaran, OXFORD
  3. Principles of compiler design,2nd edition,Nandhini Prasad,Elsebier.


  1. Compiler Construction, Principles and practice, Kenneth C Louden, CENGAGE
  2. Implementations of Compiler, A New approach to Compilers including the algebraic methods, Yunlinsu ,SPRINGER


  • Acquire knowledge in different phases and passes of Compiler, and specifying different types of tokens by lexical analyzer, and also able to use the Compiler tools like LEX, YACC, etc.
  • Parser and its types i.e. Top-down and Bottom-up parsers.
  • Construction of LL, SLR, CLR and LALR parse table.
  • Syntax directed translation, synthesized and inherited attributes.
  • Techniques for code optimization.

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