JNTUK R16 3-1 Operations Research Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 3-1 Operations Research Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 Mechanical Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 3-1 Operations Research Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 3-1 Operations Research Material PDF Download


  • To learn the importance of Operations Research in the design, planning, scheduling, manufacturing and business applications and to use the various techniques of Operations Research in solving such problems.


Development – definition– characteristics and phases – types of operation research models – applications. ALLOCATION: Linear programming problem formulation – graphical solution – simplex method – artificial variables techniques -two–phase method, big-M method – duality principle.

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TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM: Formulation – optimal solution, unbalanced transportation problem – degeneracy, assignment problem – formulation – optimal solution – variants of assignment problem- traveling salesman problem. SEQUENCING – Introduction – flow –shop sequencing – n jobs through two machines – n jobs through three machines – job shop sequencing – two jobs through ‘m’ machines.

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REPLACEMENT: Introduction – replacement of items that deteriorate with time – when money value is not counted and counted – replacement of items that fail completely, group replacement.

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THEORY OF GAMES: Introduction – mini. max (max. mini) – criterion and optimal strategy – solution of games with saddle points – rectangular games without saddle points – 2 x 2 games – dominance principle – m x 2 & 2 x n games -graphical method. WAITING LINES: Introduction – single channel – poison arrivals – exponential service times – with infinite population and finite population models– multichannel – poison arrivals – exponential service times with infinite population single channel poison arrivals.

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INVENTORY : Introduction – single item – deterministic models – purchase inventory models with one price break and multiple price breaks – shortages are not allowed – stochastic models – demand may be discrete variable or continuous variable – instantaneous production. Instantaneous demand and continuous demand and no set up cost. ABC & VED Analysis.

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DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING: Introduction – Bellman’s principle of optimality – applications of dynamic programming- capital budgeting problem – shortest path problem – linear programming problem. SIMULATION: Definition – types of simulation models – phases of simulation– applications of simulation – inventory and queuing problems – advantages and disadvantages – simulation languages.

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  1. Operations Research-An Introduction/Hamdy A Taha/Pearson publishers
  2. Operations Research –Theory & publications / S.D.Sharma-Kedarnath/McMillan publishers India Ltd


  1. Introduction to O.R/Hiller & Libermann/TMH
  2. Operations Research /A.M.Natarajan,P.Balasubramani,A. Tamilarasi/Pearson Education.
  3. Operations Research: Methods & Problems / Maurice Saseini, Arhur Yaspan & Lawrence Friedman/Wiley
  4. Operations Research / R.Pannerselvam/ PHI Publications.
  5. Operations Research / Wagner/ PHI Publications.
  6. Operation Research /J.K.Sharma/MacMilan Publ.
  7. Operations Research/ Pai/ Oxford Publications
  8. Operations Research/S Kalavathy / Vikas Publishers
  9. Operations Research / DS Cheema/University Science Press
  10. Operations Research / Ravindran, Philips, Solberg / Wiley publishers

OUTCOMES: After completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • To solve the LP and DP problems To solve the Transportation, assignment, game, inventory, replacement, sequencing, queuing problems.

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