JNTUK R16 3-2 Metrology Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTUK R16 3-2 Metrology Material/Notes PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 Mechanical Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 3-2 Metrology Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 3-2 Metrology Material/Notes PDF Download


  • Inspection of engineering parts with various precision instruments
  • Design of part, tolerances and fits
  • Principles of measuring instruments and gauges and their uses
  • Evaluation and inspection of surface roughness
  • Inspection of spur gear and thread elements
  • Machine tool testing to evaluate machine tool quality


SYSTEMS OF LIMITS AND FITS: Introduction, nominal size, tolerance, limits, deviations, fits -Unilateral and bilateral tolerance system, hole and shaft basis systems- interchangeability, determistic & statistical tolerances, selective assembly. International standard system of tolerances, selection of limits and tolerances for correct functioning.

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


LINEAR MEASUREMENT: Length standards, end standards, slip gauges- calibration of the slip gauges, dial indicators, micrometers.

MEASUREMENT OF ANGLES AND TAPERS: Different methods – bevel protractor, angle slip gauges- angle dekkor- spirit levels- sine bar- sine table, rollers and spheres used to measure angles and tapers.

LIMIT GAUGES: Taylor’s principle – design of go and no go gauges; plug, ring, snap, gap, taper, profile and position gauges.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


OPTICAL MEASURING INSTRUMENTS: Tools maker’s microscope and uses – autocollimators, optical projector, optical flats and their uses.

INTERFEROMETRY: Interference of light, Michelson’s interferometer, NPL flatness interferometer, and NPL gauge interferometer.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


SURFACE ROUGHNESS MEASUREMENT: Differences between surface roughness and surface waviness – Numerical assessment of surface finish-CLA, Rt., R.M.S. Rz, R10 values, Method of measurement of surface finish – Profilograph, Talysurf, ISI symbols for indication of surface finish.

COMPARATORS: Types – mechanical, optical , electrical and electronic, pneumatic comparators and their uses.

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


GEAR MEASUREMENT: Nomenclature of gear tooth, tooth thickness measurement with gear tooth vernier & flange micro meter, pitch measurement, total composite error and tooth to tooth composite errors, rolling gear tester, involute profile checking.

SCREW THREAD MEASUREMENT: Elements of measurement – errors in screw threads- concept of virtual effective diameter, measurement of effective diameter, angle of thread and thread pitch, and profile thread gauges.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


FLATNESS MEASUREMENT: Measurement of flatness of surfaces- instruments used- straight edges- surface plates – auto collimator.

MACHINE TOOL ALIGNMENT TESTS: Principles of machine tool alignment testing on lathe, drilling and milling machines.

Download UNIT-6 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


  1. Dimensional Metrology/Connie Dotson/Cengage Learning
  2. Engineering Metrology / R.K.Jain / Khanna Publishers


  1. Engineering Metrology / Mahajan / Dhanpat Rai Publishers
  2. Engineering Metrology / I.C.Gupta / Dhanpat Rai Publishers
  3. Precision Engineering in Manufacturing / R.L.Murthy / New Age
  4. Engineering Metrology and Measurements / NV Raghavendra, L Krishna murthy/ Oxford publishers.
  5. Engineering Metrology / KL Narayana/Scitech publishers


  • Students will be able to design tolerances and fits for selected product quality. They can choose appropriate method and instruments for inspection of various gear elements and thread elements. They can understand the standards of length, angles, they can understand the evaluation of surface finish and measure the parts with various comparators. The quality of the machine tool with alignment test can also be evaluated by them.

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