JNTUK R16 3-2 Micro Processors & Micro Controllers Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 3-2 Micro Processors & Micro Controllers Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 EEE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 3-2 Micro Processors and Micro Controllers (MPMC) Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 3-2 Micro Processors and Micro controllers Material PDF Download

Preamble: Microprocessor and microcontroller have become important building blocks in digital electronics design. It is important for student to understand the architecture of a microprocessor and its interfacing with various modules. 8086 microprocessor architecture, programming, and interfacing is dealt in detail in this course. Interfacing, PIC, architecture, programming in C.


  • To understand the organization and architecture of Micro Processor
  • To understand addressing modes to access memory
  • To understand 8051 micro controller architecture
  • To understand the programming principles for 8086 and 8051 • To understand the interfacing of MP with IO as well as other devices
  • To understand how to develop cyber physical systems


Introduction to Microprocessor Architecture Introduction and evolution of Microprocessors– Architecture of 8086–Register Organization of 8086–Memory organization of 8086– General bus operation of 8086–Introduction to 80286–80386 and 80486 and Pentium.

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF


Minimum and Maximum Mode Operations Instruction set, Addressing modes– Minimum and Maximum mode operations of 8086–8086 Control signal interfacing–Read and write cycle timing diagrams.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF


I/O Interface 8255 PPI– Architecture of 8255–Modes of operation– Interfacing I/O devices to 8086 using 8255–Interfacing A to D converters– Interfacing D to A converters– Stepper motor interfacing– Static memory interfacing with 8086–DMA controller (8257)–Architecture– Interfacing 8257 DMA controller– Programmable Interrupt Controller (8259)–Command words and operating modes of 8259– Interfacing of 8259–Keyboard/display controller (8279)–Architecture–Modes of operation–Command words of 8279– Interfacing of 8279.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF


Introduction to 8051 Micro Controller Overview of 8051 Micro Controller– Architecture– Register set–I/O ports and Memory Organization– Interrupts–Timers and Counters–Serial Communication.

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF


PIC Architecture Block diagram of basic PIC 18 micro controller, registers I/O ports.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF


Programming in C for PIC Data types, I/O programming, logical operations, data conversion

Download UNIT-6 Material PDF


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  • To be able to understand the microprocessor capability in general and explore the evaluation of microprocessors.
  • To be able to understand the addressing modes of microprocessors
  • To be able to understand the micro controller capability
  • To be able to program mp and mc
  • To be able to interface mp and mc with other electronic devices
  • To be able to develop cyber physical systems

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