JNTUK R16 3-2 Software Testing Methodologies Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 3-2 Software Testing Methodologies Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 CSE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 3-2 Software Testing Methodologies (STM) Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 3-2 Software Testing Methodologies Material PDF Download


  • Describe the principles and procedures for designing test cases.
  • Provide supports to debugging methods.
  • Acts as the reference for software testing techniques and strategies


Introduction: Purpose of Testing, Dichotomies, Model for Testing, Consequences of Bugs,Taxonomy of Bugs. Flow graphs and Path testing: Basics Concepts of Path Testing, Predicates, Path Predicates andAchievable Paths, Path Sensitizing, Path Instrumentation, Application of Path Testing.

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


Transaction Flow Testing: Transaction Flows, Transaction Flow Testing Techniques. Dataflow testing: Basics of Dataflow Testing, Strategies in Dataflow Testing, Application of Dataflow Testing.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


Domain Testing: Domains and Paths, Nice & Ugly Domains, Domain testing, Domains andInterfaces Testing, Domain and Interface Testing, Domains and Testability. Paths, Path products and Regular expressions: Path Products & Path Expression, Reduction Procedure, Applications, Regular Expressions & Flow Anomaly Detection.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


Syntax Testing: Why, What and How, A Grammar for formats, Test Case Generation, Implementation and Application and Testability Tips. Logic Based Testing: Overview, Decision Tables, Path Expressions, KV Charts, and Specifications.

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


State, State Graphs and Transition Testing: State Graphs, Good & Bad State Graphs, State Testing, and Testability Tips. III Year – II Semester L T P C 4 0 0 3 Graph Matrices and Application:-Motivational overview, matrix of graph, relations, power of a matrix, node reduction algorithm.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


Software Testing Tools: Introduction to Testing, Automated Testing, Concepts of Test Automation, Introduction to list of tools like Win runner, Load Runner, Jmeter, About Win Runner ,Using Win runner, Mapping the GUI, Recording Test, Working with Test, Enhancing Test, Checkpoints, Test Script Language, Putting it all together, Running and Debugging Tests, Analyzing Results, Batch Tests, Rapid Test Script Wizard.

Download UNIT-6 Material PDF | Reference-2 | Ref-3


  1. Software testing techniques – Boris Beizer, Dreamtech, second edition.
  2. Software Testing- Yogesh Singh, Camebridge


  1. The Craft of software testing – Brian Marick, Pearson Education.
  2. Software Testing, 3rd edition, P.C. Jorgensen, Aurbach Publications (Dist.by SPD).
  3. Software Testing, N.Chauhan, Oxford University Press.
  4. Introduction to Software Testing, P.Ammann&J.Offutt, Cambridge Univ.Press.
  5. Effective methods of Software Testing, Perry, John Wiley, 2nd Edition, 1999.
  6. Software Testing Concepts and Tools, P.NageswaraRao, dreamtech Press
  7. Win Runner in simple steps by Hakeem Shittu, 2007Genixpress.
  8. Foundations of Software Testing, D.Graham& Others, Cengage Learning.


  • Understand the basic testing procedures.
  • Able to support in generating test cases and test suites.
  • Able to test the applications manually by applying different testing methods and automation tools.
  • Apply tools to resolve the problems in Real time environment.

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