JNTUK R16 4-1 Computer Networks Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 4-1 Computer Networks Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 ECE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 4-1 Computer Networks Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 4-1 Computer Networks Material PDF Download


  • Understand state-of-the-art in network protocols, architectures, and applications.
  • Process of networking research
  • Constraints and thought processes for networking research
  • Problem Formulation—Approach—Analysis


Introduction: Network Topologies WAN, LAN, MAN. Reference models- The OSI Reference Model- the TCP/IP Reference Model – A Comparison of the OSI and TCP/IP Reference Models

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Physical Layer – Fourier Analysis – Bandwidth Limited Signals – The Maximum Data Rate of a Channel – Guided Transmission Media, Digital Modulation and Multiplexing: Frequency Division Multiplexing, Time Division Multiplexing, Code Division Multiplexing Data Link Layer Design Issues, Error Detection and Correction, Elementary Data Link Protocols, Sliding Window Protocols

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The Data Link Layer – Services Provided to the Network Layer – Framing – Error Control – Flow Control, Error Detection and Correction – Error-Correcting Codes – Error Detecting Codes, Elementary Data Link Protocols- A Utopian Simplex Protocol-A Simplex Stop and Wait Protocol for an Error free channel-A Simplex Stop and Wait Protocol for a Noisy Channel, Sliding Window Protocols-A One Bit Sliding Window Protocol-A Protocol Using Go-Back-N- A Protocol Using Selective Repeat

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The Medium Access Control Sublayer-The Channel Allocation Problem-Static Channel Allocation-Assumptions for Dynamic Channel Allocation, Multiple Access Protocols-Aloha-Carrier Sense Multiple Multiple Access ProtocolsCollision-Free Protocols-Limited Contention Protocols-Wireless LAN Protocols, Ethernet-Classic Ethernet Physical Layer-Classic Ethernet MAC Sublayer Protocol-Ethernet Performance-Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet-10-Gigabit Ethernet-Retrospective on Ethernet, Wireless Lans-The 802.11 Architecture and Protocol Stack-The 802.11 Physical Layer-The802.11 MAC Sublayer Protocol-The 805.11 Frame Structure-Services

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Design Issues-The Network Layer Design Issues – Store and Forward Packet Switching-Services Provided to the Transport layer- Implementation of Connectionless Service-Implementation of Connection Oriented ServiceComparison of Virtual Circuit and Datagram Networks, Routing Algorithms-The Optimality principle-Shortest path Algorithm, Congestion Control Algorithms-Approaches to Congestion Control-Traffic Aware RoutingAdmission Control-Traffic Throttling-Load Shedding.

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Transport Layer – The Internet Transport Protocols: Udp, the Internet Transport Protocols: Tcp Application Layer –The Domain Name System: The DNS Name Space, Resource Records, Name Servers, Electronic Mail: Architecture and Services, The User Agent, Message Formats, Message Transfer, Final Delivery

Download UNIT-6 Material PDF | Reference-2


1. Computer Networks, Tanenbaum and David J Wetherall, 5th Edition, Pearson Edu, 2010

2. Computer Networks: A Top Down Approach, Behrouz A. Forouzan, FirouzMosharraf, McGraw Hill Education


1. Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, “Computer Networks – A Systems Approach” (5th ed), Morgan Kaufmann/ Elsevier, 2011


1. Understand OSI and TCP/IP models

2. Analyze MAC layer protocols and LAN technologies

3 .Design applications using internet protocols

4 .Understand routing and congestion control algorithms

5 .Understand how internet works

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