JNTUK R16 4-1 Scripting Languages Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 4-1 Scripting Languages Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK 4-1 R16 CSE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 4-1 Scripting Languages Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 4-1 Scripting Languages Material PDF Download

Course Objectives: This course is designed to:

  • The course demonstrates an in depth understanding of the tools and the scripting languages necessary for design and development of applications dealing with Bioinformation/ Bio-data.
  • The instructor is advised to discuss examples in the context of Bio-data/ Bio-information application development.


Introduction to PERL and Scripting Scripts and Programs, Origin of Scripting , Scripting Today, Characteristics of Scripting Languages, Uses for Scripting Languages, Web Scripting, and the universe of Scripting Languages. PERL- Names and Values, Variables, Scalar Expressions, Control Structures, arrays, list, hashes, strings, pattern and regular expressions, subroutines.

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Advanced perl Finer points of looping, pack and unpack, file system, eval, data structures, packages, modules, objects, interfacing to the operating system, Creating Internet ware applications, Dirty Hands Internet Programming, security Issues.

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PHP Basics PHP Basics- Features, Embedding PHP Code in your Web pages, Outputting the data to the browser, Data types, Variables, Constants, expressions, string interpolation, control structures, Function, Creating a Function, Function Libraries, Arrays, strings and Regular Expressions.

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Advanced PHP Programming PHP and Web Forms, Files, PHP Authentication and Methodologies -Hard Coded, File Based, Database Based, IP Based, Login Administration, Uploading Files with PHP, Sending Email using PHP, PHP Encryption Functions, the Mcrypt package, Building Web sites for the World.

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TCL Structure, syntax, Variables and Data in TCL, Control Flow, Data Structures, input/output, procedures , strings , patterns, files, Advance TCL- eval, source, exec and uplevel commands, Name spaces, trapping errors, event driven programs, making applications internet aware, Nuts and Bolts Internet Programming, Security Issues, C Interface. Tk-Visual Tool Kits, Fundamental Concepts of Tk, Tk by example, Events and Binding , Perl-Tk.

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Python Introduction to Python language, python-syntax, statements, functions, Built-in-functions and Methods, Modules in python, Exception Handling. Integrated Web Applications in Python – Building Small, Efficient Python Web Systems, Web Application Framework.

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Text Books:

  1. The World of Scripting Languages, David Barron, Wiley Publications.
  2. Python Web Programming, Steve Holden and David Beazley, New Riders Publications.
  3. Beginning PHP and MySQL, 3rd Edition, Jason Gilmore, Apress Publications (Dream tech)

Reference Books:

  1. Open Source Web Development with LAMP using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP, J.Lee and B.Ware (Addison Wesley) Pearson Education.
  2. Programming Python, M.Lutz,SPD.
  3. PHP 6 Fast and Easy Web Development, Julie Meloni and Matt Telles, Cengage Learning Publications.
  4. PHP 5.1, I.Bayross and S.Shah, The X Team, SPD.
  5. Core Python Programming, Chun, Pearson Education.
  6. Guide to Programming with Python, M.Dawson, Cengage Learning.
  7. Perl by Example, E.Quigley, Pearson Education.

Course Outcomes:

  • To master the theory behind scripting and its relationship to classic programming.
  • To survey many of the modern and way cool language features that show up frequently in scripting languages.
  • To gain some fluency programming in Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and related languages.
  • To design and implement one’s own scripting language

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