JNTUK R19 2-2 Electrical Machines-II Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTUK R19 2-2 Electrical Machines-II Material/Notes PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R19 EEE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R19 2-2 Electrical Machines-II (EM-2) Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R19 2-2 Electrical Machines-II Material/Notes PDF Download

Preamble: This course covers the topics on 3-phase induction motor, 1-phase induction motor and synchronous machines which have wide application in power systems. The main aim of the course is to provide a detailed analysis of operation and performance of 3-phase induction motor, 1-phase induction motor and synchronous machines. In addition, it also covers voltage regulation and parallel operation of synchronous generators.


  • Understand the principle of operation and performance of 3-phase induction motor.
  • Quantify the performance of induction motor and induction generator in terms of torque and slip.
  • To understand the torque producing mechanism of a single phase induction motor.
  • To understand the principle of emf generation, the effect of armature reaction and predetermination of voltage regulation in synchronous generators.
  • To study parallel operation and control of real and reactive powers for synchronous generators.
  • To understand the operation, performance and starting methods of synchronous motors.


3-phase induction motors Construction details of cage and wound rotor machines – production of rotating magnetic field – principle of operation – rotor emf and rotor frequency – rotor current and power factor at standstill and during running conditions – rotor power input, rotor copper loss and mechanical power developed and their interrelationship – equivalent circuit – phasor diagram

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Characteristics, starting and testing methods of induction motors Torque equation – expressions for maximum torque and starting torque – torque slip characteristic –double cage and deep bar rotors – crawling and cogging – speed control of induction motor with V/f control method –no load and blocked rotor tests – circle diagram for predetermination of performance – methods of starting –starting current and torque calculations – induction generator operation (Qualitative treatment only)

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Single Phase Motors Single phase induction motors – constructional features and equivalent circuit – problem of starting– double revolving field theory Starting methods, AC series motor.

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Construction, operation and voltage regulation of synchronous generator Constructional features of non-salient and salient pole type armature windings – distributed and concentrated windings – distribution, pitch and winding factors – E.M.F equation – improvements of waveform and armature reaction – voltage regulation by synchronous impedance method –MMF method and Potier triangle method – phasor diagrams – two reaction analysis of salient pole machines and phasor diagram.

Parallel operation with infinite bus and other alternators – synchronizing power – load sharing – control of real and reactive power – numerical problems.

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Synchronous motor – operation, starting and performance Synchronous motor principle and theory of operation – phasor diagram – starting torque – variation of current and power factor with excitation –synchronous condenser – mathematical analysis for power developed– hunting and its suppression – methods of starting – applications.

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  1. Electrical Machines by P.S. Bhimbra, Khanna Publishers
  2. Electric Machinery by A.E.Fitzgerald,Charles kingsley,Stephen D.Umans, TMH


  1. Electrical Machines by D. P.Kothari, I .J .Nagarth,Mc Graw Hill Publications, 4th edition
  2. Electrical Machines by R.K.Rajput, Lakshmi publications,5th edition
  3. Electrical Machinery by Abijith Chakrabarthi and Sudhipta Debnath, Mc Graw Hill education 2015
  4. Electrical Machinery Fundamentals by Stephen J Chapman Mc Graw Hill education 2010
  5. Electric Machines by Mulukutla S.Sarma&Mukesh k.Pathak, CENGAGE Learning.
  6. Theory & Performance of Electrical Machines by J.B.Guptha. S.K.Kataria & Sons
  7. Alternating Current Machines by A.F.Puchstein, T.C. Lloyd, A.G. Conrad, ASIA Publishing House Performance and design of AC machines – M.G. Say.


  • explain the operation and performance of three phase induction motor.
  • analyze the torque-speed relation, performance of induction motor and induction generator.
  • explain design procedure for transformers and three phase induction motors.
  • implement the starting of single phase induction motors.
  • perform winding design and predetermine the regulation of synchronous generators.
  • avoid hunting phenomenon, implement methods of staring and correction of power factor with synchronous motor.

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