JNTUK R19 3-1 LICA Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTUK R19 3-1 LICA Material/Notes PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R19 ECE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R19 3-1 Linear IC Applications Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R19 3-1 LICA Material/Notes PDF Download


  • To understand the basic operation &performance parameters of differentialamplifiers.
  • To understand & learn the measuring techniques of performance parameters ofOp-Amp
  • To learn the linear and non-linear applications of operationalamplifiers.
  • To understand the analysis & design of different types of active filters usingop-amps
  • To learn the internal structure, operation and applications of different analogICs
  • To Acquire skills required for designing and testing integratedcircuits


Introduction: InternalBlock Diagram of various stages of Op-Amp and Roll of each Stage. Differential Amplifier using BJTs and With RE DC and AC Analysis, Basic Current Mirror Circuit, Improved Version of current mirror circuit, current repeated circuit, Wilson current source.

Download UNIT-1 PART A Material PDF | Reference-2

OP-Amp Block Diagram (Symbolic Representation), Characteristics of Op-Amp, Ideal and Practical Op-Amp specifications, DC and AC Characteristics, Definitions of Input and Output Off-set voltage and currents slow rate, CMRR, PSRR.etc, Measurements of Op-Amp Parameters. Three-Terminal Voltage Regulators 78xx& 79xx Series, current Booster,adjustable voltage, Dual Power Supply with 78xx &79xx

Download UNIT-1 PART B Material PDF | Reference-2


LINEAR and NON-LINEAR APPLICATIONS OF OP-AMPS: Inverting and Non-inverting amplifier, Integrator and differentiator, Difference amplifier, Instrumentation amplifier, ACamplifier, V to I, I to V converters, Buffers. Non- Linear function generation, Comparators, Multivibrators, Triangular and Square wave generators, Log and Anti log Amplifiers, Precision rectifiers.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF | Reference-2


ACTIVE FILTERS, ANALOG MULTIPLIERS AND MODULATORS: Design & Analysis of Butterworth active filters – 1st order, 2nd order LPF, HPF filters. Band pass, Band reject and all pass filters.

Four Quadrant Multiplier, IC 1496, Sample & Hold circuits

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF | Reference-2


TIMERS & PHASE LOCKED LOOPS: Introduction to 555 timer, functional diagram, Monostable and Astable operations and applications, Schmitt Trigger; PLL – introduction, block schematic, principles and description of individual blocks, 565 PLL, Applications of PLL – frequency multiplication, frequency translation, AM, FM & FSK demodulators. Applications of VCO (566).

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF | Reference-2


DIGITAL TO ANALOG AND ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTERS: Introduction, basic DAC techniques, weighted resistor DAC, R-2R ladder DAC, inverted R-2R DAC, and IC 1408 DAC, Different types of ADCs – parallel Comparator type ADC, counter type ADC, successive approximation ADC and dual slope ADC.DAC and ADC Specifications, Specifications AD 574 (12 bit ADC).

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2


  1. Linear Integrated Circuits – D. Roy Choudhury, New Age International (p) Ltd, 2nd Edition,2003.
  2. Op-Amps & Linear ICs – Ramakanth A. Gayakwad, PHI,1987.
  3. Linear Integrated Circuits by Salivahan-3rd-Edition, McGrawHill, 2018


  1. Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits –Sanjay Sharma ;SK Kataria &Sons;2nd Edition, 2010
  2. Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits–R.F.Coughlin& FredrickDriscoll, PHI, 6th Edition, 2000.
  3. Operational Amplifiers & Linear ICs – David A Bell, Oxford Uni. Press, 3rd Edition, 2011.
  4. Linear Integrated Circuits, by GaneshBabu T.Rand Suseela B.Scitech, 5th-Editon, 2014.


• Design circuits using operational amplifiers for various applications.
• Analyze and design amplifiers and active filters using Op-amp.
• Diagnose and trouble-shoot linear electronic circuits.
• Understand the gain-bandwidth concept and frequency response of the amplifier configurations.
• Understand thoroughly the operational amplifiers with linear integrated circuits.

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