JNTUK R20 1-2 Python Programming Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTUK R20 1-2 Python Programming Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R20 CSE/IT Branches, Can Download Unit wise R20 1-2 Python Programming Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R20 1-2 Python Programming Material PDF Download

Course Objectives: The Objectives of Python Programming are

  • To learn about Python programming language syntax, semantics, and the runtime environment
  • To be familiarized with universal computer programming concepts like data types, containers
  • To be familiarized with general computer programming concepts like conditional execution, loops & functions
  • To be familiarized with general coding techniques and object-oriented programming

Course Outcomes:

  • Develop essential programming skills in computer programming concepts like data types, containers
  • Apply the basics of programming in the Python language
  • Solve coding tasks related conditional execution, loops
  • Solve coding tasks related to the fundamental notions and techniques used in objectoriented programming


Conceptual introduction: topics in computer science, algorithms; modern computer systems: hardware architecture, data representation in computers, software and operating system; installing Python; basic syntax, interactive shell, editing, saving, and running a script. The concept of data types; variables, assignments; immutable variables; numerical types; arithmetic operators and expressions; comments in the program; understanding error messages;

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF | Reference-2


Conditions, boolean logic, logical operators; ranges; Control statements: if-else, loops (for, while); short-circuit (lazy) evaluation Strings and text files; manipulating files and directories, os and sys modules; text files: reading/writing text and numbers from/to a file; creating and reading a formatted file (csv or tab-separated). String manipulations: subscript operator, indexing, slicing a string; strings and number system: converting strings to numbers and vice versa. Binary, octal, hexadecimal numbers

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF | Reference-2


Lists, tuples, and dictionaries; basic list operators, replacing, inserting, removing an element; searching and sorting lists; dictionary literals, adding and removing keys, accessing and replacing values; traversing dictionaries. Design with functions: hiding redundancy, complexity; arguments and return values; formal vs actual arguments, named arguments. Program structure and design. Recursive functions.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF | Reference-2


File Operations: Reading config files in python, Writing log files in python, Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines(), Understanding write functions, write() and writelines(), Manipulating file pointer using seek, Programming using file operations Classes and OOP: classes, objects, attributes and methods; defining classes; design with classes, data modeling; persistent storage of objects

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF | Reference-2


OOP, continued: inheritance, polymorphism, operator overloading (eq, str, etc); abstract classes; exception handling, try block Graphical user interfaces; event-driven programming paradigm; tkinter module, creating simple GUI; buttons, labels, entry fields, dialogs; widget attributes – sizes, fonts, colors layouts, nested frames Multithreading, Networks, and Client/Server Programming; introduction to HTML, interacting with remote HTML server, running html-based queries, downloading pages; CGI programming, programming a simple CGI form.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2

Credits: Gayathri (Aditya College)


Modules / Lectures

Text Books:

1) Fundamentals of Python First Programs, Kenneth. A. Lambert, Cengage.

2) Python Programming: A Modern Approach, Vamsi Kurama, Pearson.

Reference Books:

1. Introduction to Python Programming, Gowrishankar.S, Veena A, CRC Press.

2. Programming and Problem Solving with Python, Ashok Namdev Kamthane, Amit Ashok Kamthane, TMH, 2019

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