JNTUK R20 2-2 Digital IC Design Material/Notes PDF Download


JNTUK R20 2-2 Digital IC Design Material/Notes PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R20 ECE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R20 2-2 Digital IC Design Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R20 2-2 Digital IC Design Material/Notes PDF Download

OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of this course are:

  • Introduction of digital logic families and inter facing concepts for digital design is considered.
  • VHDL fundamentals were discussed to modeling the digital system design blocks.
  • Design and implementation of combinational and sequential digital logic circuits is explained.


Hardware Description Languages.

VHDL: Introduction to VHDL, entity declaration, architecture, data-flow, behavioral and structural style of modelings, datatypes, data objects, configuration declaration, package, generic, operators and identifiers, PROCE SS, IF, CASE & LOOP statements, VHDL libraries.

Verilog HDL: Introduction to Verilog HDL, data types, data operators,module statement, wire statement, ifelsestatement, case-endcasestatement,Verilog syntax and semantics(qualitative approach)

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF


Combinational Logic Design: Parallel binary adder, carry look ahead adder, BCD adder, Multiplexers and demultiplexers and their use in combinational logic design, ALU, digital comparators, parity generators, codeconverters, priority encoders. (Qualitative approach of designing and modeling the mentioned combination allogiccircuits with relevant digital ICs using HDL)

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF


Sequential Logic Design: Registers, applications of shift registers, ripple or a synchronous counters, synchronous counters, synchronous and a synchronous sequential circuits, hazards in sequential circuits. (Qualitative approach of designing and modeling the mentioned sequential logic circuits with relevant digital ICs using HDL)

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF


Combinational MOS Logic Circuits: Introduction, MOS logic circuits with depletion nMOS loads: twoinputNOR gate, generalized NOR structure with multiple inputs, transient analysis of NOR gate, two-input NANDgate, generalized NAND structure with multiple inputs, transient analysis of NAND gate, CMOS logic circuits: CMOS NOR2 gate, CMOS NAND2 gate,complex logic circuits, complex CMOS logic gates, AOI and OAIgates, Pseudo-nMOS gates, CMOS full-adder circuit, CMOS transmission gates (Pass Gates), complementary pass-transistorlogic

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF


Sequential MOS Logic Circuits: Introduction, behavior bistable elements, SR latch circuit, clocked latch andflip-flop circuits: clocked SR latch, clocked JK latch, master-slave flip-flop, CMOS D-latch and Edge triggeredflip-flop, Schmitt trigger circuit, basic principlesof pass transistor circuits.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF


1. Modern Digital Electronics–R.P.Jain-Fourth Edition–Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited, 2010.

2. CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits-Analysis and Design–Sung-MoKang & Yusuf Leblebici-Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited, 2006.

3. VHDL/VerilogPrimer – J.Bhasker, Pearson Education/PHI, 3 rd Edition.


  1. Digital Design Principles & Practices-John F.Wakerly, PHI/Pearson Education Asia, 3 rd Edition, 2005.
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design – Stephen Brown, Zvonko Vranesic, McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition


  • Understand the structure of commercially available digital integrated circuit families.
  • Learn the IEEE Standard 1076 Hardware Description Language (VHDL).
  • Model complex digital systems at several levels of abstractions, behavioral, structural, simulation, synthesis and rapid system prototyping.
  • Analyze and design basic digital circuits with combinatorial and sequential logic circuits using VHDL.

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