No Degree Without Final Year Exams by September 30: Supreme Court


No Degree Without Final Year Exams: The Supreme Court on Friday (August 28) ordered that no state government and universities can promote final year students without holding final year university examinations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reported PTI.

However, the Court gave states the discretion to approach the University Grants Commission (UGC) for an extension of the deadline by which final year exams should be completed. A bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan said if any state feels they can’t conduct exams by that date, they must approach the UGC for new dates to hold the exam.

Final Year Exams To Be Held, Can’t Promote Students Without It

Final year college examinations must be held this year but states can ask for the dates to be deferred beyond September 30 if they wanted to because of the coronavirus crisis, the Supreme Court said today. “State cannot promote students without final year examinations,” the top court asserted.

Several petitions, including one by the Yuva Sena of Maharashtra minister Aaditya Thackeray, had called for the exams to be cancelled because of Covid-19. The petitions referred to difficulties faced by students at a time all educational institutions were closed due to the virus crisis. They argued that students have completed five semesters and had a Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA, which could be the basis for results without final examinations.

డిగ్రీ పరీక్షలపై సుప్రీం కోర్టు కీలక తీర్పు

డిగ్రీ పరీక్షలపై సుప్రీం కోర్టు కీలక తీర్పు వెల్లడించింది. ఫైనల్ ఇయర్ పరీక్షలు లేకుండా విద్యార్థులను ప్రమోట్ చేసే అవకాశం లేదని వ్యాఖ్యానించింది. అందుకే రాష్ట్రాలు, కేంద్ర పాలిత ప్రాంతాలు పరీక్షల్ని వాయిదా వేసేందుకు యూనివర్సిటీ గ్రాంట్స్ కమిషన్-UGC తో చర్చలు జరపాలని కోరింది. అంతేకాదు… సెప్టెంబర్ 30 లోగా పరీక్షల్ని నిర్వహించాలని యూజీసీ సూచించిన గైడ్‌లైన్స్‌ని కొట్టిపారేయలేమని తెలిపింది. కాబట్టి డిగ్రీ ఫైనల్ ఇయర్ పరీక్షలు జరగాల్సిందే. అయితే ఎప్పటివరకు అన్నది తర్వాత నిర్ణయించొచ్చు. పరీక్షలు లేకుండా ఇంటర్నల్ మార్కుల ఆధారంగా డిగ్రీ ఫైనల్ ఇయర్ విద్యార్థుల్ని పాస్ చేసే అవకాశం లేదు.

Source: Telugu.news18

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  1. Sir what about 1..2.3 year pharmacy student….no update till now…next year class going on but what about our exm …

  2. The Decison was good,but maintaing preventive measures at the time of appearing for exams would be helpful for students and even releasing the schedule of exams would be more benificiary.
    Thank you

  3. Ok I agree for 4-2 exams but 4-2 students have some backlogs what about for backlogs??
    Okkavella backlogs ani just pass chestharu ani decision theskuntee "For example okka student ki Meru just pass chestee 59percent vastee vadiki Meru em nayam chestaru ??
    Ahh certificate inkemm value ??
    R16 vallu kstalu chudandii:
    1)Grand supply ledhu
    2) every mid attempt cheyalii 80percent and 20percent chesthunaru
    3)Even 1 subject backlog vunna certificate radhu
    Eppudoo Feb lo grand supply pedithee ee kstalu vachinna??

    • 4-2 exams pedithee makku backlogs exams kuda petandi please request chesthuna
      Malli Meru eppudo pedithe makku certificates lag avutadhi ellago supply fee kuda pay chesam kanesam R16 vallaki okka darri chupinchadii

  4. They exams will be conducted in nearby colleges but what about autonomous colleges,how we write exams if we want to write exams we want to stay in hostel

  5. Please sir/madam release the examination dates plzzzzzz,,oka date antu iste clear ga baguntadhi,ee week aa week ani kakundaa please.jntuk 4-2 examination dates realse plzzzzzz


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