Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi 2020 Eligibility List, Status in Telugu


Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi 2020 Eligibility List, Status in Telugu: Telangana State Government has declared that the Government will clear the debts of farmers under Rs one lakh. The Government has declared that irrespective of the farmer’s lands, number of debts, the Government is going to offer the runa mafi up to 1 lakh. The gold loans taken for agriculture will be cleared by the government. The Government is planning to implement the runa mafi scheme by sorting out the eligible farmer’s list within 30 days.

To solve the agricultural issues, complaints will be collected in mandal, Zilla, and state level, a special department is going to be allotted. After receiving complaints, within 30 days the concerned issues will be solved.

Telangana Rythu Runa Mafi 2020 Eligibility List, Status in Telugu

In-state of Telangana, the agricultural loans are taken after 1st April 2014 will only be considered for the runa mafi. As of now, the Government has cleared loads of farmers until 31st March 2014. Now, the Government is intending to consider the loans of the farmers from 1st April 2014.


Eligibility Scenario for TS Rythu Runa Mafi 2020

The farmers must have taken the loans after 1st April 2014 or if they had taken earlier, the old debt must be renewed. If the old debts are not renewed, the runa mafi scheme will not be applied.

  • Debts taken before 11th December 2018 will only be cleared [upto Rs 1 lakh].
  • The loans which are taken and cleared by the farmers will not be considered.
  • For the loans which are taken through ‘Samyuktha Puchikathu Sangham [JLG]’ or Rythumithra Group, will not be considered by the Government for debt repayment.
  • Rescheduled debts also will not be considered.
  • The runa mafi will be done for the crops which can be yield within 18 months.
  • The Runa Mafi scheme will be applicable for the gold loans taken for the purpose of agriculture in villages. While the repayment will not be applicable to the cities.

Exclusive Portal with Eligible Farmer’s Names

To implement the Rythu Runa Mafi scheme, the Agriculture commission will launch an exclusive portal. In which, the list of eligible farmer’s names will be specified. From each village, the list of farmers having debts below Rs 1 lakh as on 11th December 2018 will be collected from the banks.

The list to be prepared by the agriculture commission; which consisting the details of farmer’s names, gold loans, and crop loans. The list will be helpful to implement the runa mafi scheme.

Many of the farmers have taken agriculture loans from various banks on the names of their family members. To shortlist the eligible farmers for the runa mafi, the agriculture committee is going to gather the list of eligible farmers mandal-wise and compare the names to prepare a final list. Tahsildar has to examine the list prepared by the agriculture committee. A clear observation will be done on the duplicate documents and passbooks of the farmers. Farmers having the original passbooks will only be considered for the runa mafi. Cooperative Department Auditors are going to release the eligible farmer’s list district-wise after cross-checking all the details. After that, the complete list of eligible farmers will be sent to the agriculture commissioner office. The final list will be issued for all the branches in the mandal.

Village revenue officer, Village Agriculture Extension Officer, Panchayat Secretary, Tahsildar, Mandal Agriculture officer, MDOs will form a committee in mandal-level to observe the details of each farmer and his family details concerned to the loans.

  • The eligible farmer’s names will be revealed in a village-level conference.
  • The reports which are given by the Zilla-level banker’s association will be observed and sent to the state-level banker’s committee.
  • The final list will be sent to the respective villages. The cheques will be sent to the eligible farmers. And the signature will be taken from them.
  • The farmers who received the cheques will have to submit a document specifying that the amount received will be only paid to the agricultural debt.
  • After all the process completed, the Cooperative Department has to submit a report to the ‘Pradhamika Vyavasaya Sahakara Sangham’ 

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