TS Dharani Portal Land Registration, Records Online Search – Slot Booking For Citizen


TS Dharani Portal Land Registration, Records Online Search – Slot Booking For Citizen: Telangana State Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao has launched the Dharani portal for land registrations across the state. All the land and property registrations will be done transparently through the “Dharani” portal. The portal was started on 29th October, Thursday at Medchal, Malkajigiri, Muduchinthalapalli mandal. Along with CM KCR, all the officials and union leaders have participated in the inauguration occasion of the Dharani portal. The TRS government is proud to announce that it is introducing an IT intervention electronic system for revenue records for the first time in the country.

TS Dharani Land Registration Application, Records Online Search – Slot Booking For Citizen

CM KCR started the zonal office at Malkajigiri and turned on the laptop button and launched the Dharani website. Speaking on the occasion, CM KCR said that the Dharani portal is a trendsetter for the country. Dharani will play a key role in resolving all land issues in Telangana. After the inauguration of the portal, CM KCR has rendered his valuable speech regarding the hard work and struggle behind the Dharani Portal and the purpose of the portal.

TS Dharani Portal Registration – How to Apply for Land Records Register Online

TS Chief Minister has launched the Dharani Portal to offer various benefits for the farmers and landowners. 93% are smallholder farmers will be benefited from this portal. NTR Patel abolished the Patwari system. After that, the Telangana State Government is taking the steps to support the farmers. The TRS government is proud to announce that it is introducing the IT intervention electronic system for revenue records for the first time in the country. Although the decision was taken under the ideals that the revenue woes should be resolved permanently and that the Telangana peasantry should have full protection of their lands from any tides.

With the implementation of the Dharani portal, the government, waqf, and endowment lands will be protected. The Telangana Government has conducted various surveys to register the agricultural and non-agricultural lands.

The land registration will be done online from anywhere across the globe. After the successful registration, the owners will be given the pattadar passbook. The passbook will be sent to the address of the enrolled candidates through post. The portal also represents the visual representation of the land through GIS.

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TS Dharani Portal Services

Dharani portal offers various services related to land such as:

  • Land conversion/NALA
  • Mutation/succession
  • Agriculture income certificate
  • Land valuation certificate
  • Land registration services

The registration services include market value assistance, duty and fee calculator, certified copy, public data entry, encumbrance search, payment of registration services, track application, slot booking, and slot rescheduling, view receipt, and unit rates, payment of stamp services, and registration document details.


Pattadar Passbook

Pattadar Passbooks will be delivered to the address of registered candidates after the land registration. Also, one can download Pattadar Passbook from the Dharani website y entering the PPB Number/Aadhar Number. The land registration process will be completed within 10 minutes without any hassle. As soon as the registration process completes, the registered candidates will be provided with temporary PPBs.

No illegal registrations

Now all the records of 1,45,58,000 acres of land have been cleaned and displayed on the Dharani portal. These details can be found by anyone in any corner of the world. One’s land is written off or changed by another under any circumstances.  Illegal registrations will not take place today. Devadaya, waqf, and forest lands are located in Dharani. But are in Auto-lock. No officer can change them.

Hassle-free Registration – No Need to Roam around Registration Office

For land sales/purchases, no one needs to roam around offices. The registration process will be completed within a few minutes after the application. The state previously had only 140 sub-registrar offices. In addition, 570 Tahsildar offices have been converted into Sub-Registrar’s offices. In past, people used to visit RGO for mutation. Now, the process will be made easier. One can book their slot on the day of their choice. Sample documents are also available on the portal as you write yourself. Document writers are not required to write. They also do not charge as much as before. There will be a fixed fee.

Registration Process – How to Register Non Agriculture Lands/Properties in Dharani Portal

If a person sells to Acers of land to another person, then both have to inform to the Tahsildar office. They have to inform the way of registration and have to pay the concerned registration fee. The mutation fee will also be very less. As per the applicant’s convenience, the slot will be booked. At the allotted slot, the applicants have to visit the office. Within 10-15 minutes of registration, the mutation will be done at the office. The land details will be deleted from the seller’s passbook and will e entered into the buyer’s passbook. The information will be immediately updated on the Dharani portal. Within 20 minutes, the buyer will get the registration papers and Dharani copy. If both are farmers, the information will be updated in their passbooks. Same as bank passbooks, the land sales/purchase details will be updated in PPBs. If the buyer is not having a passbook, he can pay the concerned fee to apply for the passbook. After the application, within a week he/she can avail of the PPB. The PPB will be sent through the post. The Passbooks will be printed highly authenticated under the Government official’s protection. No one can misuse the details of passbooks.

Registration Charges

The government has kept the same registration fees as in the past. Everyone knows what the survey number is, village and zone. Registration charges are paid before coming to the office. Sub-Registrars previously had discretionary powers. Now that power is gone. People should only pay the price fixed by the government. No bribes will work. The government will soon issue directions on measuring every inch of space in Telangana digitally. The survey decision is made and coordinates (latitudes, longitudes) are determined for them. No one in the world can change these parameters.

The Revenue Department will Work Day & Night Shifts

To ensure the guaranteed services, the revenue department will work in the day and night shifts. The Revenue Department will handle 55 different services. The department will be worked as per the guidelines of the government. No more mistakes will happen from now onwards. The land registrations will be done only if the buyer’s thumbprint, seller’s thumbprint, and tahsildar’s thumbprint present. Neither the Collector, nor the Revenue Secretary, nor the Minister has the power to do otherwise. Those who are responsible for the registration are responsible. Ward members, ministers, and MPs should all work together.

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