JNTUK B.Tech R13 Academic Regulations – Securing of Credits (0.15% adjustment of marks)


JNTUK B.Tech R13 Batch Academic Regulations – Securing of Credits, JNTU Kakinada B.Tech Academic Regulations for R13 0.15% adjustment of marks (admitted from the academic year 2013-14).

JNTUK B.Tech R13 Batch Academic Regulations - Securing of Credits

JNTUK B.Tech R13 Academic Regulations – Securing of Credits (0.15% adjustment of marks)

Sub: JNTUK – Academic and Planning B.Tech. Academic Regulations (R13) — Securing of credits — Reg.

Ref: 1. Academic Regulations (R13) for B.Tech. (Regular) course.

2. JNTUK Proc. No.JNTUK/DE/Adjustment of Marks/Failed students of UG/PG/2016 dated 09-02-2016

3. Representation of students/parents.

4. Note Orders dated 22/02/2017 of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor. JNTUK, Kakinada.

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JNTUK R13 B.Tech 0.15% Adjustment of Marks

Several B.Tech students (admitted from the academic year 2013-14 and governed by R13 Regulations) and their parents have represented for relaxation in the credits to be secured by them during the course of study and provision of 0.15% adjustment of marks.

In this connection, I am by direction wish to inform that the academic regulations (R13) of B.Tech. Course. already issued for the batches admitted from the academic year 2013-14 are in force. Accordingly, for the award of B.Tech degree under R13 Regulations, Regular students have to secure 180 credits and Lateral Entry students have to secure 132 credits.

It is further informed that the provision of 0.15% adjustment of marks, already communicated vide reference (2) above, are made applicable to the B.Tech. (Regular and Lateral Entry students, admitted from the academic year 2013-14 and governed by R13 Regulations also), as per the following details:

  1. A maximum of 0.15% adjustment marks shall be added to the latest performance of failed the on subject(s) and limited to a maximum of two failed subjects only.
  2. The required marks shall be adjusted from external marks of passed subjects of the Final Year Project/ Seminar/Theory only), both for UG and PG programmes.

The Principals of the affiliated colleges of JNTUK are requested to bring the same to the notice of all concerned.

Download Official Notification Here (Updated on 22-02-2017)


  1. i have 19 marks in one subject, Applied 6 months back but i didn't get the grace marks.please make done my request sir please.

  2. Sir i got 14 marks in internal and 25 marks in external..and i have only 1 backlog…..am i eligible for grace marks ?

  3. 137x1a0468 sir grace maks apply alredy when we relised the grace maks sir plese relised quickly sir
    thanks for notifications sir

  4. My roll no 147A5A0127 i apply grace marks internal -20; external -18 but list lo na number ledhu whyyyy !!!!!!


  6. Good morning Sir I’m studying m.pharmacy 2 Nd year under the R13 Regulation I have A 1 backlog i’am Eligible for Grace Mark’s are not please reply my Query ??

  7. Sir, i got 15 marks in internal examination and 17 marks in external examination.can i pass this subject if i add grace marks to this subject.

  8. Plz paper correction sarigga cheyandi pass avtamani anukunnavallani disappoint chestunnaru.enni sarlu supply kattagalam .Kochem baaga correction cheyandi papers.plzzz…..

  9. sir.i got 16 marks in my external examination and i was a lateral entry student can i eligible to apply for grace marks…give me reply

  10. I had one back log and I have 10 external marks and 23 internal marks in that subject so I will pass in my back log when u add the grace marks plzzz tell me sir…..


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