JNTUK R16 4-2 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Material PDF Download


JNTUK R16 4-2 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Material PDF Download

Students those who are studying JNTUK R16 ECE Branch, Can Download Unit wise R16 4-2 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation (EMI) Material/Notes PDFs below.


JNTUK R16 4-2 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Material PDF Download


Performance characteristics of instruments, Static characteristics, Accuracy, Resolution, Precision, Expected value, Error, Sensitivity. Errors in Measurement, Dynamic Characteristics-speed of response, Fidelity, Lag and Dynamic error. DC Voltmeters- Multi-range, Range extension/Solid state and differential voltmeters, AC voltmeters- multi range, range extension, shunt. Thermocouple type RF ammeter, Ohmmeters series type, shunt type, Multi-meter for Voltage, Current and resistance measurements.

Download UNIT-1 Material PDF | Reference-2


Signal Generator- fixed and variable, AF oscillators, Standard and AF sine and square wave signal generators, Function Generators, Square pulse, Random noise, sweep, Arbitrary waveform. Wave Analyzers, Harmonic Distortion Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Fourier Analyzers.

Download UNIT-2 Material PDF | Reference-2


Oscilloscopes CRT features, vertical amplifiers, horizontal deflection system, sweep, trigger pulse, delay line, sync selector circuits, simple CRO, triggered sweep CRO, Dual beam CRO, . Dual trace oscilloscope, sampling oscilloscope, storage oscilloscope, digital readout oscilloscope, digital storage oscilloscope, Lissajous method of frequency measurement, standard specifications of CRO, probes for CRO- Active & Passive, attenuator type.

Download UNIT-3 Material PDF | Reference-2


AC Bridges Measurement of inductance- Maxwell’s bridge, Anderson bridge. Measurement of capacitance – Schearing Bridge. Wheat stone bridge. Wien Bridge, Errors and precautions in using bridges. Q-meter.

Download UNIT-4 Material PDF | Reference-2


Transducers- active & passive transducers : Resistance, Capacitance, inductance; Strain gauges, LVDT, Piezo Electric transducers, Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Sensistors.

Download UNIT-5 Material PDF | Reference-2


Measurement of physical parameters force, pressure, velocity, humidity, moisture, speed, proximity and displacement. Data acquisition systems.

Download UNIT-6 Material PDF | Reference-2


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  2. Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques – A.D. Helfrick and W.D. Cooper, PHI, 5th Edition, 2002.


  1. Electronic Instrumentation & Measurements – David A. Bell, PHI, 2nd Edition, 2003.
  2. Electronic Test Instruments, Analog and Digital Measurements – Robert A.Witte, Pearson Education, 2nd Ed., 2004.
  3. Electronic Measurements & Instrumentations by K. Lal Kishore, Pearson Education – 2005


  • Select the instrument to be used based on the requirements.
  • Understand and analyze different signal generators and analyzers.
  • Understand the design of oscilloscopes for different applications.
  • Design different transducers for measurement of different parameters

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