UGC: Terminal Semester(s)/Final Year Examinations for the Universities


UGC: Terminal Semester(s)/Final Year Examinations for the Universities

UGC Terminal Semester(s)Final Year Examinations for the Universities

Examinations are an integral part of the education system and is a measure students’ learning, knowledge, skills and other competencies. The performance in examinations contributes to merit, lifelong credibility, wider global acceptability for admissions, scholarships, awards, placements, and better future prospects.

A large number of best universities across the world including US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries, have conducted or are conducting examinations by giving various options such as Online/Offline/Blended or other alternative forms of examinations.

In order to safeguard the larger interest of the students related to their academic and career progression globally, the UGC issued Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar on 29th April,2020 mentioning that for the students of Terminal Semester(s)/ Final Year Examinations may be conducted between July 1-15, 2020.

In view of emerging COVID-19 pandemic situation it was difficult to conduct the examinations in the month of July, 2020, therefore, as per the directions of Ministry of Home, Ministry of Human Resources Development, and the report of the Expert Committee, UGC issued Revised Guidelines for Examination and Academic Calendar on 6th July, 2020.

Accordingly, the Universities were required to chart out a plan for completion of terminal semester/ final year examinations by the end of September, 2020 in offline (pen & paper)/ online/ blended (online + offline) mode following the prescribed protocols / guidelines related to COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines also mentioned that in case a student of terminal semester/ final year is unable to appear in the examination conducted by the University for whatsoever the reason(s) may be, he/she may be given opportunity to appear in special examinations for such course(s)/ paper(s), which may be conducted by the university as and when feasible, so that the student is not put to any inconvenience/ disadvantage. UGC vide its letter of 8th July, 2020 also communicated the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Conduct of Examinations as suggested by MHRD.

Recently universities were approached to inform the status of the conduct of examination. Out of 945 Universities (as per the list maintained by UGC till 01-06-2020) the responses were obtained from 755 Universities (120 Deemed Universities, 274 Private Universities, 40 Central Universities and 321 State Universities). The information from remaining Universities is being obtained.

Out of the 755 Universities, 560 Universities have either conducted the examination or are planning to conduct. Details are as follows:

(i) 194 have already conducted examination (on-line/off-line);

(ii) 366 are planning to conduct examination (on-line/off-line/blended mode) in August/September

In addition, 27 Private Universities, which were established during 2019-20 to till date, their first batch is yet to become eligible for final examination.

Download the Official Notification here

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  1. When we have not conducted half of the syllabus what testing are we going to do?
    Whatever we conducted online classes were of no use and of very low quality and most of the rural students did not have access to either high end phones or laptops.
    Examination are part of education in the normal course, but when we are in the midst of pandemic we should think otherwise and can be assessed by previous performance of five semesters.
    If you are so particular about exams there should be option of taking the exam online for those who do not want to come to exam centers with separate guidelines.

  2. If UGC can permote 1st and 2nd year student on the basis of previous year marks which is till only 3rd semester marks record they have
    Now can UGC compare to final year students. They have 7th semester marks record Why UGC can not permote on the average of all previous semesters marks
    We hope UGC will change the guideline due to pandamic Covid-19 becouse there is no security for a student Health may be student will die because of contact with this Covid-19

  3. It's unfair for final yr students totally unfair how can the govt is taking risk and playing with the life of students

  4. It's totally unfair for the final year students….if CBSE and ICSE student could promote on the basis of their previous mark and they are also in their final year …so why govt won't apply the same guidelines for degree/master degree student…. because this crisis being dangerous day to day that's why …for the shake of all the students we think like that … if possible can arrange the exam in online mode that will be suitable for all…..

  5. The final year exam will be must appear for the final Year student.Because a bright career is welcome the student in the future.

    • Very true,these are heartless people and have no humanity. I am a widow with only a son as my hope. How can I send him for final year exam.

  6. This is very unfair. In country like India, it is impossible to conduct online exams because all students does not have smartphones and enough money to recharge data pack and conducting offline exam is very dangerous in this pandemic. #student'slifematter #promotestudents #cancelexams


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